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San Benito County's total crop value increased 11 percent to about $360 million in 2015, the agricultural commissioner reported Tuesday. The Hollister Exchange Club will host a fundraiser Monday at Bolado Park Golf Course, seen here. Britain’s shock vote last week to leave the European Union wiped more than $2 trillion off global equity markets. But Takahashi said Monday the fallout from Brexit was likely to be limited, and a mere shadow of the pain caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008 which sparked the global financial crisis.

In late 2014 the fund announced it was raising the share of stocks in its huge portfolio to around 50 percent from about 24 percent previously, pumping billions of dollars into domestic and overseas share markets. Unlike some more adventurous counterparts, for decades it kept the majority of its cash in super-safe but low-return Japanese government bonds. Takahashi said he would wait to see how Britain moves ahead with its EU exit plans before deciding on his next play.
A growing number of retirees and a shrinking workforce are straining government finances as Tokyo struggles to boost the world’s number three economy.

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