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The Nowhere Band will dust off the Beatles' early years for a tribute show at the Alberta Rose Theatre on Sunday. The Nowhere Band, a play on "Rubber Soul" classic "Nowhere Man," have become known around town for their attention to the Beatles' later years, with the Portland act's "White Album" Christmas shows at the Alberta Rose sprawling into a multi-evening annual event.
Should it go well, perhaps they'll add further events beyond the annual "White Album" gigs. The Nowhere Band's performance on Sunday night will compete with a star-spangled televised homage on CBS, Sullivan's old network, "A GRAMMY Salute to the Beatles," but if there's any band that deserves a few tributes, it's the Fab Four. Like the Beatles themselves, Averill says Sunday night's show will offer something for everyone, even the next generation of Beatlemaniacs. We sat in front of my parentsa€™ television, enthralled with the hair, the beat and the energy.
Girls were screaming and poor Ed Sullivan didna€™t seem to know what to make of everything. I remember the American debut of the Beatles, but I am one of the few who didna€™t watch it.

So fab, Ed Sullivan was rattledWhen Capitol did decide to sign the band, they threw a lot of money into promotional efforts, one of which was having disc jockeys announce the Beatles' whereabouts. TV and vending machines wowed the bandJohn Lennon might have famously told Rolling Stone magazine in 1971 he was unimpressed with American culture, but Calandra said the group was wowed by some elements of the country, including television (which Ringo Starr continuously watched backstage) and Coca-Cola vending machines (which especially intrigued Lennon).
To celebrate the release of the new six-disc collection of THE BEST OF THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, HOTCHKA wants to award a DVD set to three lucky readers!
This historic DVD set contains over 2 hours of special bonus features, including the only surviving on-camera interview with Ed and Sylvia Sullivan, exclusive interviews with Milton Berle, Phyllis Diller, Shari Lewis, Johnny Mathis, Michelle Phillips, Joan Rivers, Smokey Robinson, Señor Wences, Flip Wilson and more.
Yes, Please, Loved the Ed Sullivan show, remember watching the Beatles, 1st, on his show, He introduced them to us on National TV..
Coaxed to bring his Nowhere Band to the Alberta Rose Theatre this Sunday for a celebration of the Fab Four's game-changing first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" 50 years ago, he's juggling lead vocalist assignments, a tight rehearsal schedule and several years of fresh material.
Unlike more full-fledged tribute bands, there won't be any Beatles wigs or any kind of costume-driven recreation on Sunday. Their "Sullivan" performance remains a landmark -- a pop culture moment from the days before cable (and computers and smartphones and Facebook) fragmented American TV monoculture into millions of self-selected media channels.

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That simple fact was confirmed by the broad range of incredible acts he brought into America’s living rooms from his Broadway stage between 1948 and 1971 on the greatest, longest-running prime time variety show in the history of television. Sullivan filled his weekly showcase with something for everyone, and he was so successful at it that he became America’s most powerful cultural arbiter. Even decades from removed from their official 1970 split, the Beatles remain one of the largest forces in pop: "1," a chart-toppers collection, was the top album of the 2000s, selling over 11 million copies, according to SoundScan. Their 2010 arrival in the iTunes Store was a major digital coup for Apple, heralded by a huge marketing blitz and renewed sales: over a million albums and five million tracks in two months. According to promoter and Beatles expert Martin Lawrence, in 1963 Fab Four manager Brian Epstein couldn't persuade Capitol — the U.S.

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