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Bear Grylls, the best known survival expert in the world, has already been running his Survival Academy in the UK for a while now, but now he is coming to the States as well.
This kind of entry conditions gives a serious note to the course, which is pretty reassuring. The first Bear Grills Survival Academy in the USA will take place in the Catskills Mountains in New York in November and the second one will be held in Texas on a still undisclosed date.

So, if you like Bear’s adventures, or just feel having these skills could be useful, here is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Nature lovers from the US will finally get the chance to learn the skills designed by the guy that has been known to survive the dreadful conditions of just about any place on this planet. Wild’ and ‘Get Out Alive’, however, will not personally train all the students, since this will be entrusted upon his highly trained survival experts that are likely to be just as tough.

They will teach you various survival techniques for land and water environments, such as lighting fires, finding and building emergency shelters (something Grylls himself emphasizes as very important in extreme environments), using various knife techniques, rappelling, giving emergency medical assistance, climbing, skinning and gutting, laying traps as well as navigate in daylight and at night.

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