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Eight celebrities face a 12 day survival mission unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. From abseiling down ferocious waterfalls, crossing perilous rapids, trudging through swamps and eating rats and scorpions; this is an epic adventure in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Actors, and cousins, Emilia Fox and Laurence Fox, singer and actor Max George, double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, TV presenter and singer Jamelia, comedy actor Tom Rosenthal, DJ, Model and presenter Vogue Williams and former England International rugby player Mike Tindall, make up the celebrity expedition team. In programme two the adventure begins with the celebrities having to navigate their way through dense jungle down a sheer ravine. After a number of trips and falls, and with one of the celebrities nearly plummeting down the ravine, the famous faces eventually reach what will be their camp for the night. The following morning, after a wet, muddy night and with only partial success in building a camp, the celebrities enjoy their first wash in three days, bathing in the nearby river.
Paired up and strapped in, the celebrities first must first tip toe down a terrifyingly narrow ledge at the top of the waterfall. Once all the team are down, there isn’t long to regroup before they trek up a steep ridge and out into a clearing. Eight celebrities face a 12-day survival mission unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.
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Join Bear Grylls in a brand new adrenaline-fuelled series in which the adventurer takes eight celebrities into the depths of one of the most unforgiving Central American rainforests, where they will be competing in an epic 12-day survival mission.
If she and her eight fellow stars choose to accept it (they already have, that’s what this story is about) they will embark on a punishing 12-day expedition in a Central American rainforest.

Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published. Seven celebrities battle through the wilds of Southern Africa on an uncompromising 12 day survival expedition.
This year the expedition team confronted more terrifying challenges than ever before: surviving dangerous animals, facing a dizzying arsenal of high-octane survival scenarios and travelling further across the mountains and down to the coast. The novices faced hunger, sleep deprivation and tasks designed to test their ability to adapt and survive in the wilderness.
Bear set the celebrities daily missions, as they journeyed under the watchful guidance of expedition leader Meg Hine and former commando Scott Heffield. The 6 x 60 series was commissioned by ITV’s director of entertainment and comedy Elaine Bedell and entertainment commissioning editor Peter Davey.
Bear Grylls has admitted that he had to send home celebrities he thought might die during his new reality show, Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.
The adventurer launches his new celebrity survival contest on ITV later this month and told TV Times that he had some pretty basic criteria for who to evict from the Central American rainforest at the end of each episode, with contestants including Jamelia, Laurence Fox, Emilia Fox, Tom Rosenthal, Vogue Williams, Mike Tindall, Dame Kelly Holmes and Max George. To stay alive they must learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelter, make fire and eat food that nature provides. Bear will also be assisted on the ground by his much trusted survival experts Meg Hine and Scott Heffield.
Without Bear’s guidance and using compasses to guide them, it proves difficult and tensions in the group run high.
But before they can build their shelter, this time with just two tarpaulin sheets for protection from the rain, Bear shows them how to prevent insect bites with the jungle’s own natural mosquito repellent, mud, which he smears over their faces and necks.

But the relief is only short lived - Bear arrives and instructs the team to trek down river and await their first big test.
They then place all their trust in Bear’s safety lines as they walk backwards over the lip of the waterfall and are lowered down. Bear has already moved ahead and is waiting for the celebrities, this time with the pee bottles that they filled the night before.
They were literally yanked out of their comfort zone from the get go by a helicopter using a Special Forces insertion technique and thrown into survival mode. At the end of every episode Bear sent home the person who least displayed the qualities of a survivor: positivity, resourcefulness, courage and determination. They had to work hard and face their fears every day, and for some of them it was just too hard both physically, mentally and emotionally. And at the end of the series, there will be three finalists and ultimately just one Mission Survivor. Snakes are a constant and deadly threat in this terrain, and Bear shocks the celebrities when he arrives with a boa constrictor and gives them a demonstration on how to handle snakes. When they reach the pool at the bottom they are quickly moved to safety by expedition leader Scott. Instead, he sends them daily briefings and it’s up to them to hack their way through the undergrowth, abseil down waterfalls, avoid scorpions and generally endure the horrors that reside in this tropical paradise.

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