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November 28, 2014 by Liz Long Leave a Comment Kids come in all ages and levels of maturity. Here is a list of skills that are practical and basic to survival.
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An excellent 250+ page wilderness survival book that devotes most of its attention to plants and animals. This book is only about 60 pages long but contains well written information on maps, using a compass, and dealing with an emergency. Each page is easy to use and to learn from and gives students important new language which they can read, listen to, practice and use. You’ll have to determine which skills are appropriate to teach your own children or grandchildren. Her life-long Scouting skills have been a help in becoming a prepper and she has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010.

Students will be able to make simple reservations, check into a hotel, have meetings and much, much more!The book can be accessed page by page or dipped into by using the topic symbols to help find the situations and topics most needed.At the back of the book, in addition to the Student CD, there is helpful cultural information, vocabulary lists, communication activities, and transcripts for the listening extracts.

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