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The Bangladesh Government Education Ministry decided to make the HSC online admission process mandatory for all renowned government and non-government colleges across the country at higher secondary (HSC) courses for academic session 2012-2013. Results of the SSC and equivalent examinations will be published on May 7 and the colleges will have to start HSC 2012-13 session 1st year classes on July 1, according to the governmenta€™s decision. Besides, the colleges having 300-plus seats will also be encouraged to adopt the online admission system.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid said that the government has introduced the online admission system to reduce the hassle of admission-seekers.A  Like the previous years, the colleges will select students for admission to colleges on the basis of the results obtained in the Secondary School Certificate and equivalent exams. Women's education and fertility rates in developing countries, with special reference to bangladesh - wardatul akmam lecturer in sociology, university of rajshahi.A commentary on bangladesh's combined third and fourth periodic report for the members of the united nations committee on the. Behaviour and social change have often been seen as distinct approaches, requiring different strategies and unique skill sets. The colleges will start receiving online HSC applications from admission-seekers from May 12 and continue till June 6. The online admission process is mandatory from this year for those colleges,a€? Professor Fahima Khatun, Chairman of the Board of Intermediate and SecondaryEducation, Dhaka said.

She said that only 29 colleges across the country introduced the online admission process in the last academic session.
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Educational inequality is the difference in the learning results, or efficacy, experienced by students coming from different groups.

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