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A paper describing the method used to produce the map and a discussion of the resultant map can be found at the peer-reviewed journal Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences. Here you are able to download the paper (free of charge, since HESS in an open access journal) along with the map as an image file (.jpg) and as a raster file (ArcMap) from the Supplement section (again free of charge).
When you unzip the supplementary file, make sure that the option for unzipping to sub-folders (or sub-directories) is turned on, otherwise ArcMap may not recognise the raster file. Peel MC, Finlayson BL & McMahon TA (2007), Updated world map of the Koppen-Geiger climate classification, Hydrol. Two GoogleEarth layers (*.kml) of the map are available basic info version and detailed info version.
Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences is published under a Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial and ShareAlike License.
Greek Islands: Santorini & Anafi - Indicated as BWh, based on Koutsoyiannis et al (2008) should be BSh. Elevated areas of Santa Catarina, Brazil - Due to a lack of precipitation and temperature stations in this region, the zone of Cfb would likely include the areas of higher elevation (1000m - 1500m), which are currently indicated to be Cfa. Colombia - we only had six precipitation and temperature stations in Colombia on which to base the interpolation across rugged terrain, which is likely to result in a poor representation of the true climate types in Colombia. Albania - we did not have any precipitation and temperature stations in Albania on which to base the interpolation, which is likely to result in a poor representation of the true climate types in Albania. A description of the climate types and the rules used to calculate the climate types is given in Table 1 of Peel et al (2007), which is reproduced below.
A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook followers about the very first thing they taught in math at the beginning of the school year.

One of the first math notebook entries we do is on Place Value (right after the ten commandments of math). You can see that the notebook entry very closely follows my anchor chart that I make with the class. After this intro lesson, we move on to one of my favorite group place value activities called Candy Rush! Then, they get into groups and compile their information into a chart and answer questions about all of their candy values.
When I feel like they are fairly solid in their understanding of these skills after the group activity, we get busy with my very favorite Math Project of the year, Place Value Detectives.
I have differentiated the project so that it meets the needs of students in grades 2-5, although it's best suited for grades 3+ since there is a lot of critical thinking and problem solving involved. After we work through this project and the candy rush activity, I feel like my students have a good understanding of place value skills. Please use the map for non-commercial purposes and cite "Peel et al (2007)" and the reference above. This means that you are free to use and adapt the map so long as you abide by the terms of the License (acknowledge the original source & non-commercial use), which is why we chose to publish the map in this journal.
The monthly precipitation and temperature data used to construct the map are available for free download from the Global Historical Climatology Network, Version 2. From there, we use a classroom number line and place the countries and their populations on it.
It was awesome to see their faces light when the finally made the connection that (2 x 100) = 200 because it's two groups of 100 units!

They use hundreds, tens, and ones to make a picture then they have to show their number."-Claudia C. I also like to give the kids cards with digits, say the number and then they have to get themselves in the right order."-Jenneth S.
Then I tell them, "There is a 4 in the thousands place, a 6 in the hundred thousands place, etc." (out of order) until we have built the number. The other students are able to see quickly whether the students are in the correct order and we use cards with commas as well to help reinforce the periods."-Tracy Y.
If you adapt or modify the map, cite "Adpated from Peel et al (2007)" and the reference above. I say a number out loud and together, without talking, they have to move around the room to find their partners that will make that number" -Michelle Q.
We will also have the students brainstorm as to why certain countries have a higher population than others and if there is a correlation between land area and population."-Angie L. Identify one person in the group; the rest of the class must write the place and place value of the digit. Depending on the level of the students, I will make it more challenging by not repeating a clue or going faster, or make it easier by repeating clues or using fewer digits."- Laura H. 68,709) and students with those digits have to run to the other side and line up in the correct order.

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