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Honestly I couldn’t pick a choice quote from this book because I was way too into it to be bothered with getting a highlighter. Your performance in the gym, not the pain, soreness, or fatigue that can result from that performance, is what determines the quality of your results. Middle-class values are essentially the stuff of the employee mind-set, the precise values that have led so many young people to be completely fucked in our current economy: follow orders, get all the checkmarks that parents and teachers and society and politicians tell you to get, stick with the herd, don’t stick your neck out too much, don’t try anything too bold, just do as you’re told and there will be a nice cushy job with government and company-sponsored benefits aplenty waiting for you to guide you through your safe life and your comfortable, secure retirement.
The notion that college is learning, and if you don’t go to college you’re not learning, is very silly.
If you whine to my family about your job, you will get the amount of sympathy that you surely deserve—absolutely none. Incremental theorists, who have picked up a different modality of learning — let’s call them learning theorists — are more prone to describe their results with sentences like “I got it because I worked very hard at it” or “I should have tried harder.” A child with a learning theory of intelligence tends to sense that with hard work, difficult material can be grasped — step by step, incrementally, the novice can become the master. Like learning to tie your shoes or dress yourself, learning to be responsible for yourself is one of the things kids are supposed to do while they are still kids. In the struggle between should versus want, some people have figured out something crucial: Want never goes away.

He talks about the four-minute mile – how the journalist of the day were convinced the four-minute mile was the limit of human speed. Let defeats happen in practice without reverting to your old habits, and then grow  from it.
Nothing you can do—talking, thinking, reading, imagining—is more effective in building skill than executing the action, firing the impulse down the nerve fiber, fixing errors, honing the circuit. Life is tough, unfair, and you have to work much harder than the person next to you if you want to succeed. We learn by pushing ourselves and finding what really lies at the outer reaches of our abilities. Above all he is passionate—a connoisseur of both “the highest joys” and “the deepest sorrows.” He believes in the moral imperative to defend (with his life, if necessary) ideals such as truth, beauty, honor, and justice. That is basically as an individual you are nothing special, just another person that was born with the ability to become great if YOU CHOOSE too.
I wish I could say exactly how many books I was able to get through in the year, but I honestly have no clue.

Procrastination is all about choosing want over should because you don’t have a plan for those times when you can expect to be tempted. In 1954, Roger Bannister crashed that wall and ran under four minutes because he believed overtraining to be a myth. What I can say is that my kindle was the best purchase I made last winter and easily helped me expand my horizons and want to read from more genres. The following year, a few dozen athletes broke the barrier, the barrier that had previously been though of as scientifically impossible.
It reminds me of what the monks in Thailand had said, that the longer you meditate the more you realize pain is just an illusion.

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