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Assertiveness training for women is about valuing others and treating them fairly, hearing their opinions and sharing your own.
Put your fears of criticism and rejection aside … or better yet, bring them and share them in the workshop. Do you find it difficult to provide direction to your employees without coming across as bossy or overbearing?
An organization's success depends on its managers' ability to lead and this leadership is a combination of their communication skills, ability to build relationships and composure when handling conflict. An effective manager is one who knows how to push the right buttons and motivate without being pushy and overbearing and without begging or pleading. And much more!Who Will BenefitManagers, supervisors, business owners, team leaders, executives, project managers — anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully and expand their influence! Assertive Communication Skills for ProfessionalsAuthor: Carol PriceCombine strength with sensitivity to get more of what you want. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use.

Today’s dynamic business world presents immense opportunities, IF you know how to take advantage of them. Those who are too aggressive may be successful in completing short-term goals, but often struggle to maintain positive relationships with their employees over time. Managers who can find a balance between aggressive and passive management styles will build bridges, mend fences and lead your organization confidently and effectively. Invest in this power-packed webinar to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to improve your skills, enhance your team and achieve real results for your organization. This one-hour webinar will help you find a balanced, assertive management style that generates the most out of your employees and helps get the job done right every time.
2 days before the event you will receive another email with full details of how to connect. Ever notice the way assertive people can be honest and forthright -- and still respect the feelings of others? People who have mastered the skill of assertiveness are able to greatly reduce the level of interpersonal conflict in their lives, thereby reducing a major source of stress.

With a strong handle on how to effectively use assertive communication skills, every manager can learn to take a positive approach to leading employees toward success while maintaining a balanced and productive team. Managers who are too passive have no problem building relationships, but find it challenging to motivate others and solve problems.
Enroll today and become a more successful, confident and respected manager within your organization! Women notoriously put the needs of others ahead of their own needs … often to the point of being taken for granted and being invisible.
It's assertive managers that have the ability provide guidance to their employees to get the job done while commanding respect.

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