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In this great urban landscape, in a dialog with the ‘City Room’ outside we wanted to introduce a garden in the interior space acting as a ‘natural’ counter balance for the inhabitants of Asia Square to experience.The Food Garden will give people the opportunity to stay in touch with nature in the comfort of an air-conditioned space.
Natural daylight will flow into the seating area and enhancing this we have also introduced a translucent material feature ceiling above the main seating area. The new campus of TAC SEV is built across from the existing property of Tarsus American College (TAC). Local celebrity chef Eric Teo would be a familiar face if you watch Channel 8’s food programmes. Strange than Mexican food generally do not do well in Singapore, but Guzman y Gomez has been attracting a steady queue since its opening last year.
If you think Food Garden is just another food court, well, they are actually some restaurants housed within. A chance to find natural tranquility like one would find in a city park, lounging on meadows. Considering its proximity to the historic context of the school, the new campus is conceived, as a design principle, a part of the TAC campus it is separated from by a road that traverses the premises. I tend to avoid Raffles Place, but it has become one of the hottest lunch spot for CBD workers.

Soup Stock Tokyo from Japan and Guzman y Gomez from Australia have opened their first-ever overseas outlets in the Asia Square Food Garden. He has teamed up with the people behind the popular Wheat Baumkuchen to helm this rotisserie shop. Try the Burrito with Grilled Chicken in GYG’s Guerrero marinade with Pico de Gallo salsa and Roasted Tomato Salsa. One of which is Tatsu Sushi & Teppenyaki, a combination of two concepts, originally from CHIJMES.
The overall area of this garden will stretch more than 170 meters from one end to the other when both towers are finished.
With the opening up of Tower 2, its Food Garden has welcomed 8 new tenants, some of which has set food in Singapore for the first time.
Their roasted sakura chicken with their own in-house sauce (try the Chicken Old Bay) is tender-licious and juicy, giving other established chicken brands a run for their money.
The Corn Chip serves as a light snack (to munch in office) and I looooove the Guacamole sauce. To enhance the garden feel this warm natural material is used at the most visible open surface of the space, the ceiling.

The popular order is the half-and-half where you can two different soups in a set with bread or rice.
If you are rushing for the next meeting, a shelled Chilli Crab Claw with deep fried Mantou ($18) is available, though I wished it was more succulent.
The Food Garden provides a variety of scenery, as visual & psychological relief from the strict geometric discipline of ‘office life’. Some of my personal recommendations are the Hokkaido Crab Bisque, Tokyo Borsch, and Hokkaido Pumpkin Potage.
However, at $14.00 per set, this is considered pricey (to me) for just having soup for lunch.

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