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The Ark Survival Evolved player count on Xbox One has already surpassed the daily player count on PC.
According Studio Wildcard’s Co-Founder And Co-Creative Director, Jesse Rapczak, the team is amazed by the amount of new players experiencing the large-scale multiplayer survival game, since its release on the Xbox One a few weeks ago. At the moment of writing, Survival Evolved is available to PC and Xbox One players via early access.
Until the game’s final release, fans can expect community feedback to be integrated into the Xbox One version of the game with regular updates about every two weeks. Ark Survival Evolved Patch Xbox One Aims To Boost Framerate; PC Content & MP SplitscreenA few weeks ago, we posted a comparison video between the PC and Xbox One version of Ark Survival Evolved. This will eventually include highly-demanded features like split screen support, gamepad customization, UI improvements, tweaks to current game modes, balancing improvements and all the new content that is going into the PC version.
Last but not least, the creative director shares some insight in the first new creature that will be introduced in Ark in a few weeks. ARK : Survival Evolved est un FPS online a monde ouvert dans lequel le joueur incarne un joueur qui va devoir evoluer dans un monde rempli encore de dinosaures. Le succes d'ARK Survival Evolved pourrait etre bientot trouble par des deboires judiciaires.

ARK Survival Evolved : le FPS de chasse aux dinosaures sortira sur consoles d'abord sur Xbox One !
Despite being released only last month for the Xbox One, the dinosaur themed open-world game is reportedly even more popular on the console than it is on Steam. Ark: Survival Evolved is currently available in early access form for both PC and Xbox One. A new update (216) for Ark: Survival Evolved is now live and it adds two new regions to the Island. There are poisonous plants spread throughout the swamp, however, going through the spread is worthwhile due to unique plant life that can be harvested for advance recipes.
The dinosaur-survival title launched worldwide into all regions of the Xbox Game Preview Program on December 16.
That’s awesome considering there is already three times as much content in the game today compared to the PC launch 7 months ago. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. At the moment, the popular title has several hundred active servers but nearly all of those are full, meaning that there’s a dire need for additional space.

Soon players will also be able to play local multiplayer with their friends as developers Studio Wildcard have announced that Ark will be receiving a split screen mode in early 2016. According to the game’s developers, Ark has been downloaded over a million times since its December release. Although when tamed a Dire Wolf can serve as a powerful, incredibly fast friend, useful for hunting down the elegant Megaloceros “Stags” that also call this biome home. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. The PC version does have the advantage of a modding community, however, with one talented modder creating a game of Pac-Man for the computer-based players.

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