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Named because of its location beside the Santa River, the city of Riverside, California is the largest city in the Inland Empire of the Southern California territory.
Living in riverside would definitely not be a bore as there are plenty of things to do and places to see in the city. Riverside being popular due to its citrus industrial origin, the city has a park that is a preserved open space that makes sure that the cultural citrus landscape is kept from totally vanishing, the California Citrus State Historical Park. For people living in and around the city of Riverside, whether you are renting an apartment home or you own a property around the area, this park should be a definite destination for fun and leisure, as well as cultural experience.
Within the city of Riverside California and very close to the vicinity of your apartment home is the Fox Performing Arts Center, where artists like Bing Crosby and Judy Garland once performed. The center also has a theater for musical performances and features musical comedies and Broadway series at scheduled dates. The center is a historical landmark and is a definite pride for people living in and around the city of Riverside as it adds to the cultural sense of the city and provides a good healthy entertainment for the whole family. The Golf course that was awarded as 2013 Course of the Year by the National Golf Course Owners Association can be found within the city of Riverside, a few minutes away from your apartment homes. The course used to be a quarry that was the major source of limestone, marble and many different kinds of minerals until it was abandoned and was later designed to become one of the most incredible golf courses in California.
Golf loving residents living in and around riverside would definitely enjoy going to this golf club and since it is very near your apartment homes, it is a very good place to spend your afternoon or your weekends or celebrate your special occasions in.
Nature lovers would definitely enjoy this botanic garden that can be found in The University of California, Riverside Campus. Aside from herbal life, the park is home to many types of wildlife, from birds to reptiles to mammals. There are plenty of things to see in the UCR Botanical garden and the garden is just a few minutes away from the apartment home you are renting.
Movie listings are always updated so you can view the schedule and the pricing on their website. Drive-in theaters are getting scarce so this place is a nostalgic one and is good for family outings or couple dates. Residents living in and around the city of Riverside and its neighboring cities are definitely happy to have this attraction and for residents renting an apartment homes on the complexes in Riverside, this is definitely a great source of enjoyable time. People who love music would definitely enjoy this hotspot in Riverside, California as every night there is music playing. The Concert Lounge has a series of tributes lined up for famous artists such as The Beatles, INXS and many more. A few minutes away from your apartment home is a Japanese restaurant that serves an all you can eat sushi menu with different types of Japanese sushi, wraps and salads that you can indulge in. Their menu includes appetizers like soft shell crabs, gyoza, tempura, shumai and many others, salads, entrees like teriyaki, katsu, soups and many different kinds of sushi. Although Farrela€™s Ice Cream Parlor was originally established in Oregon, as of now they also have a branch a few minutes away from your apartment homes in Riverside, their biggest location yet in California and the whole US. The Parlor serves many kinds of ice cream creations such as sundaes, parfaits, splits and many more.
Located a few minutes from your Riverside, California apartment home is a restaurant that serves mouth-watering good food that would make you keep coming back for more, whether you are living in and around Riverside or even outside of California.
Anchos Southwest Grill and bar serves the most delicious Mexican style food such as Nachos, enchiladas, Fajitas, Burritos and many other foods that would definitely tickle the palate. Mario's Place in Riverside, California is an award winning restaurant that serves contemporary Italian cuisine.
Mario's serves the most delicious and authentic flavored Italian cuisine which is why it has garnered not a few awards, not just for the restaurant but also for the owner of the place. Inside the one of the historic hotels in Riverside, California, just a few minutes away from your apartment home, is a list of restaurants that would satisfy your craving for the many different flavors of the world. The restaurants within the hotel are all award winning for their dining excellence and promotes culinary perfection by using the freshest ingredients and the most authentic flavors. California Law School is the largest and oldest law school that can be found in Riverside County that confers the Juris Doctor professional degree, a degree that is awarded to a person that completed law school in the US or other common law countries.
They have a systematic learning system that would ensure that students learn the needed skills to practice law and has a curriculum approved for the training of DVA educational benefit eligible students. The University of California- Riverside Campus is only one among the 10 campuses within the UC system. The university promotes diversity by accepting all kinds of students from all walks of life, and now has more than 20,000 enrollees and offers plenty of different choices for undergraduate education such as, science, math, anthropology, dance, music, arts, history and many more including degree courses and graduate studies. La Sierra University is located a few minutes away from your Riverside, California Apartment home and offers plenty of choices for college education.
They have undergraduate studies in many different fields such as arts, education, science, math, music, business management and many others. The riverside Community College was founded on September 1916 and is the seventh oldest community College in California. Their program offer includes programming, machine and wood working, language classes, criminology, science, social studies and many other courses that would not just prepare you for further schooling but also prepare you to enter the work force.
UEI College has been around for more than 25 years and has about 13 campuses around Southern California, including one near your apartment home in Riverside.
They offer plenty of programs for your self-improvement or skill acquiring requirement, with their programs varying in length and outcome from 8 to 9 months to 16 month associate degree programs, that would equip you with enough knowledge for entry level employment and make a living.
Wonderful amenities in the apartment home and facilities in the apartment community are just among the many good reasons for you to check out and discover a life so fun inside La Paz Apartments. See and experience for yourself the good life that waits for you at Magnolia West Apartments.
Come home to the comforts of Park Village Apartments and experience life in one of the best homes in Riverside, California! Concord Place is a Riverside apartment complex offering 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for rent. The beautiful grounds feature lush landscaping, refreshing pool, play area and basketball court.

This city is where the first Golf course and Polo field in Southern California were first built.
Scenic views are not uncommon as the city is surrounded by hills and preserved open spaces, along with lakes and the Santa Ana River. The park is 377 acres of citrus trees and orange groves with trails that wander throughout the park and with displays all around that shows the history of the citrus industry in California as well as the antique equipment used to cultivate the land and process the oranges.
Nearly half of the park is a working orange grove that produces high quality oranges that are sold for profit that is used to maintain and develop the park. As of now, famous artists like Sheryl Crow and Bozz Scaggs do weekend performances in the center.
They also rent out their theater for shows at a daily or a weekly rate and can even spare some of their technicians and specialists to assist during the rental.
Whether you are a professional Golfer or a newbie or you are just doing it for fun, this course will present a challenge for you with its course that has four sets of tees winding around the Jensen Quarry. The clubhouse is also available for renting for events such as weddings, banquets, meetings and any event. The garden is home to plenty of species of birds such as ravens, hawks, mockingbirds, hummingbirds and other species that not only helps make the garden look even more exotic but also assists in the blooming of the fruit trees and flowers.
For residents living within Riverside and around the area and even for tourist who visit the garden, it would not just be an enjoyable time, it would be educational too. Families usually flock to movie houses to enjoy a nice, wholesome movie as a bonding time for the whole family.
People living in and around Riverside, California or even tourists who visit the place should definitely try this experience. Playing in the water is certainly an enjoyable experience in the sub-tropical climate of California. There are times when you can learn how to swing and dance the night away or, if you have a talent for singing, open nights are on Wednesdays.
Joe's Sushi offers lunch and dinner and their menu has plenty of choices for children and adult alike. So, for residents living in and around Riverside, whether they own their own house or rent an apartment in one of the many complexes in the city, Joe's Sushi is the place to go to when you are craving for Japanese food. The place is not only an Ice cream parlor but is also a restaurant that can be rented for events such as birthdays, weddings and many more. You can learn about the history of the restaurant, get a printable menu and you can even find directions on how to get there from the apartment you are renting in riverside. So if you are craving for Italian dishes, Marioa€™s is located a few minutes away from your apartment homes in Riverside. The finest of Riverside's restaurant and dining can be found inside the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.
They feature many law practices for their courses, such as criminal law, family law and many other kinds of law practice.
Among their course choices are business administration and education courses that would help you specialize on your line of interest. You or your child would definitely have a hard time going home during weekends or special occasions as it is quite a close distance from the apartment you are renting to the University and can be reached within a few minutes.
It started with offering classes for science, mechanical drawing business, agriculture, history, English and a few more basic courses but it now offers more than 100 different programs to prepare students for a 4 year college degree or for whatever purpose they might have, including self-development. Homey and spacious apartment homes in a family friendly environment that make apartment home tenants feel at home the moment they set their eyes on each apartment!
An easy, relaxed life, in a home that features amenities and perks for that lifestyle you long dreamed of having but have shied away from because of a tight budget.
Check out the latest information on each Briarwood apartment as we take you to the many homes in the community.
Deluxe Madison Apartments in Riverside, California, provide residents the best amenities inside the home and the community, as well as floor plans and price options that cater to apartment home tenants different needs. Take a trip to these apartment homes via photos, floor plans and price options set to match apartment home tenants' varied needs and lifestyle. Lighthouse Townhome Apartments provides great community amenities and each apartment home offers spacious floor plans that you'll truly appreciate. Great conveniences and amenities in newly-renovated apartment homes, facilities in the apartment community and spacious floor plans and price options that suit your budget and lifestyle; a cozy apartment home atmosphere and a management service that sees to it your needs are well taken care of.
Newly refurbished apartment complex and updated facilities and landscaping are showcased in apartment home photos that make the Magnolia West Apartment shopping so easy. Superior home amenities and community facilities that let you live a pampered life, less the expensive bills and taxes that come with most home loans. Wonderful ambiance, modern perks and add-ons in the home and the community, and spacious floor plans and price options that best match tenants different lifestyle and needs.
Wonderful communities and an apartment home that comes in floor plans and price options designed to accommodate all budgets and needs, set in beautifully-landscaped surroundings, family-friendly atmosphere, and an apartment management that sees to it apartment tenants are well cared for.
All you have to do is take a look at the many apartment home photos showcasing the comforts and conveniences of each School Circle Apartment! These Riverside apartments are situated perfectly between Riverside Plaza and The Galleria at Tyler, bringing the best of Riverside right to your doorstep.
Our interior amenities include an open floor-plan with a half wall separating the living room area and the bedroom area, a gas fireplace, a nice sized patio, fully updated bathrooms, and more! Units include the following great amenities, water and trash included, lots of cabinet space in the kitchen. The city is also famous for the citrus industry that started from three navel orange trees that originated from Bahia, Brazil. Plenty of museum and art galleries can definitely help you immerse yourself in culture and the arts. The park also host free concerts from time to time and has its own museum and plenty of activity areas to go to.
They also feature Friday showings of Alfred Hitchcock movies for those who love watching his classic films from the 40's and 50's.

The club has complete facilities for beginners and experts alike, with their driving range, putting greens, chipping green and practice green. They have plenty of different gardens that houses different types of plants, from desert plants, to flowery plants, to exotic plants. You can also sight plenty of different species of mammals such as rabbits, coyote, foxes, skunks, squirrels, rodents and sometimes, bobcats.
The park has plenty of attractions to choose from such as, rides, water fun, arcade, miniature golf and restaurants. It helps make you feel fresh during the hot summer months and is a wholesome way of spending time for the whole family. Music loving residents living in and around Riverside, California would sure enjoy spending time in the lounge. They are also available for reservation or catering for parties such as birthdays, weddings and other events. They do not only carry ice cream but they have a lot of choices for food like burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, fries and many more. The campus is located quite near your apartment home in Riverside California, only a few miles or a few minutes away. Floor plans and photos of apartment home interiors, amenities, facilities and well-maintained apartment community landscaping, give you a look of the good life that is for you to live and enjoy when you make an Anderson Park Apartment in Riverside, California your HOME!
Keep your eyes peeled as we showcase before you photos of rich and modern apartment home interiors and designs and facilities such as a sparkling pool, laundry, in a friendly apartment community with a management staff ready to assist you. Photos of apartment home amenities and facilities in the community, and the homes magnificent landscaping all give you a look at the fabulous lifestyle thats for you to experience when you live the Deluxe Madison Apartment life. Apartment landscaping and interiors that just make the life inside the home relaxing, the La Paz apartment home lifestyle is for you to live and love!
All eyes on our well kept apartment landscaping as well the many photos of the apartment interiors. Yes, a Linden Court Apartment lets you live the kind of life that you deserve, conveniently and comfortably! Come, take a look at the good life waiting for you to live and enjoy when you make a Magnolia West Apartment your HOME! All set in a beautifully-landscaped apartment home complex and a family-friendly atmosphere that's sure to make tenants choose Melrose Place Apartments as HOME! Facilities in the apartment community that include a fitness room, swimming pool and a resident computer center and clubhouse let residents enjoy the good life just a few steps from the apartment home door. Floor plans and price options all designed to meet and match every apartment tenants needs, plus an accommodating on-site apartment management team that takes care of almost all your apartment home needs. Throughout this pet friendly community you'll find a host of resident amenities including our resort-style pool and spa, barbecue grills, tennis courts, basketball court and playscape.
Concord Place lists units in Riverside, CA from $795 up to $1095 and feature a living area of 640 to 890 sq.ft. Annual festival events also lighten up the life of those who visit and live in the city of Riverside and plenty of apartment homes for rent would definitely add to the comfort and joy of living in the city. Along the path, you can also meet with many different types of reptiles, from lizards to snakes, frogs and toads. Van Buren Drive-In Theater can be found just a few minutes away from your riverside apartment homes.
There are plenty of rides to choose from, ranging from fun, safe rides like merry-go-round, bumper cars, mini train rides and such to thrilling, heart-stopping rides like roller coasters, tower rides and other adventurous rides. You will never run out of choices in Farrel's so children and adult alike living in and around riverside would sure enjoy the food and the fun that comes with going into the ice cream parlor and restaurant.
Apple Wood Apartments in Riverside, California, have all the perfect ingredients for the perfect life. Riverside schools, shopping and freeways all within easy reach from your Briarwood Apartment make the Briarwood Apartment lifestyle one to envy! We're sure that your experience of living in Hemet, California at Lighthouse Townhome Apartments will be something to treasure. All these amenities come with a friendly apartment management who's more than willing to give you a taste of the good life. Cozy apartment home interiors and well maintained lawns and landscaping, you'll enjoy a charming life in a Park View Palms Apartment without taking you far from the conveniences of the big city. Park Village Apartments are conveniently located from colleges and services in Riverside, making the life in and out of the apartment home just great! And with its easy location from colleges in Riverside, as well as dining, shopping and services, we're sure after the browse, you're making the move, to live and enjoy the good life in a School Circle Apartment!
Apartment home details - floor plans, photos and amenities in the home and the community - take you on a tour of the many Apple Wood Apartments waiting for you to discover. Yes, your Park View Palms Apartment is a close walk to shopping, dining, the UCR and RCC, and most services and amenities in Riverside.
Great Riverside apartments, great service and the amenities you deserve - with plenty of great restaurants and world-class shopping in your neighborhood. They show the latest movies and you can even bring your own food into the theater instead buying there so you can save money. All at a location that's exactly right, exactly where you want to be.Leasing TermsLease terms are variable. Create one.Create an AccountCreating an account allows you to acccess your saved and contacted properties on any device. Check your email for a password reset link.We are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.

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