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On December 5th, 2013, civil rights leader and former South African president Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95. Depth of Field is a blog that shares the stories behind Project Gado’s photo collections. Project Gado is digitizing and sharing the world’s visual history.
The elections of 1994 heralded the end of Apartheid and, for the most part, the area proceeded to see an end to violence.
Important to note is that the reserves allocated for the Black Homelands was located within Natal, and did not take up the whole state. My dear Palestinian brothers and sisters, I have come to your land and I have recognized shades of my own. I come from a land where people braved onslaughts of bulldozers, bullets, machine guns, and teargas for the sake of freedom. Morality is about the capacity to be moved by interests beyond one’s own ethnic group, religious community, or nation. We do not deny the trauma that the oppressors experienced at any stage in their individual or collective lives; we simply reject the notion that others should become victims as a result of it. As South Africans, speaking up about the life or death for the Palestinian people is also about salvaging our own dream of a moral society that will not be complicit in the suffering of other people. Thus I and numerous others who were involved in the struggle against Apartheid have come here and we have witnessed a place that in some ways reminds us of what we have suffered through. We as South Africans resisting Apartheid understood the invaluable role of international solidarity in ending centuries of oppression. We continue to draw strength from the words of Nelson Mandela, the father of our nation and hero of the Palestinian people. Gripping photos show what decades of segregation looked like in Nelson Mandela's home country. Established in 1948 under the racialist National Party, apartheid not only meant separate and inferior public services, benches and building entrances for non-whites.
Nelson Mandela was a key anti-apartheid activist, leading defiance campaigns and working as a lawyer.
Black South Africans jam a road in Cape Town, March 30, 1960, on their way to demonstrate in front of a police station in protest against the jailing of their leaders. Mark Byrnes is a senior associate editor at CityLab who writes about design, history, and photography. Twenty years after apartheid’s end, black and nonwhite South Africans are still trying to reclaim the land that they were forced to abandon during the years the racist system was in place. In 1991, the law was repealed with the Abolition of Racially Based Land Measures Act, but several families were still stuck in overcrowded dwellings.
BBC News spoke with a mixed-race family who was forced out of a village named Redhill, which sat atop a breathtaking mountain surrounded by nature. She and the rest of the village were told that the government was going to build a dam over the land, but the project never happened. Families were given a chance to reclaim their land in the 1990s, with the deadline in 1998.
The Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill launched on July 1st, according to Voice of America News.
Although many have complained that the process is slow and still unjust (less than 10% of white-owned land has been returned to nonwhites since 1994), South Africans are hopeful that they can one day regain and keep what was taken so long ago. It is time to send these thieves and devils back to their homeland in a shoe box full of schytt packed with their ashes.
Mandela is best remembered for his tireless struggle to abolish apartheid in South Africa.Image courtesy WikipediaTo honor Mr.
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My land was once one where some people imagined that they could build their security on the insecurity of others.
And they meant that never again will harm come unto them with no regard to how their own humanity was tied to that of others.

We must end the daily humiliation at checkpoints, the disgrace of an Apartheid Wall that cuts people off from their land, livelihood, and history, and act against the torture, detention without trial, and targeted killings of those who dare to resist. We reject the manipulation of that suffering for expansionist political and territorial purposes.
There are, of course, other instances of oppression, dispossession, and marginalization in the world. However it never tried to deny Black people their very existences or to wish them away completely as we see here.
Today we have no choice but to make our contribution to the struggle of the Palestinians for freedom. Thus we stand by you in your vision to create a society wherein everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, or religion shall be equal and live in freedom. It also stripped South African blacks of their citizenship (placing them into tribally-based bantustans instead) and abolished all non-white political representation.
He was arrested in 1962, and given a life sentence for conspiracy to overthrow the government.
Police arrested more than 100 leaders of political parties opposed to the government's racial policies in a series of pre-dawn raids.
They claimed that their lighter skin and European origins gave them the right to dispossess those of a darker skin who lived in the land for thousands of years. In their hurt they developed an understanding of being’s God chosen people destined to inhabit a Promised Land. We resent having to pay the price of dispossession because an imperialist power requires a reliable ally in this part of the world.
Yet, none of these are as immediately recognizable to us who lived under, survived, and overcame Apartheid. We do so with the full awareness that your freedom will also contribute to the freedom of many Jews to be fully human in the same way that the end of Apartheid also signaled the liberation of White people in South Africa. I come from a land where a group of people, the Afrikaners, were genuinely hurt by the British. And thus they occupied the land, other people’s land, and they built their security on the insecurity of black people.
Thus, while it is oil or strategic advantage that you are after, you may invoke the principle of spreading democracy, or you may justify your exploitation of slavery with the comforting rationalization that the black victims of the system might have died of starvation if they had been left in Africa. Indeed, for those of us who lived under South African Apartheid and fought for liberation from it and everything that it represented, Palestine reflects in many ways the unfinished business of our own struggle.
Have our Jewish sisters and brothers forgotten their humiliation?” But yet in more ways than one, here in your land, we are seeing something far more brutal, relentless and inhuman than what we have ever seen under Apartheid.
We were spared the barbaric and diverse forms of collective punishment in the forms of house demolitions, the destruction of orchards belonging to relatives of suspected freedom fighters, or the physical transfer of these relatives themselves. At the height of our own liberation struggle, we never ceased to remind our people that our struggle for liberation is also for the liberation of white people.
I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.
After years of violent unrest at home and sanctions abroad, the National Party began apartheid reform in the 1980s. Hundreds of blacks, who had publicly burned their passes during recent campaign of defiance against the Apartheid government, picked up new passes required by all black South Africans to return to work. Here, Johns Hopkins University students urge their peers to join the struggle for freedom in South Africa.Mr. We act in the face of oppression, dispossession, or occupation so that our own humanity may not be diminished by our silence when some part of the human family is being demeaned.
In some ways, my brothers and sisters, I am embarrassed that you have to resort to using a word that was earlier on used specifically for our situation in order to draw attention to yours. Apartheid diminished the humanity of White people in the same way that gender injustice diminishes the humanity of males. Mandela’s legacy will be remembered for years to come, and Project Gado is honored to have a small part in preserving and sharing memories of his work. The new allies, known simply as ‘whites’, pitted themselves against the blacks who were forced to pay the terrible price of dispossession, exploitation and marginalization as a result of a combination of white racism, Afrikaner fears and ideas of chosenness.

We cannot always act upon what we see but we always have the freedom to see and to be moved. After the war not a single supporter of the Nazis could be found and the vast majority claimed that they always supported the resistance to the Nazis. It is about the capacity to transcend narrow interests and to understand how a deepening of humanness is linked to the good of others. White South Africans were never given a carte blanche to humiliate Black South Africans as the Settlers here seem to have. The humanity of the oppressor is reclaimed through liberation and Israel is no exception in this regard.
You can view the full gallery of apartheid photos, or license them for your own projects, here. When apartness is elevated to dogma and ideology, when apartness is enforced through the law and its agencies, this is called Apartheid. The craziest Apartheid zealots would never have dreamt of something as macabre as this Wall. When certain people are privileged simply because they are born in certain ethnic group and use these privileges to dispossess and discriminate others then this is called Apartheid. Regardless of how genuine the trauma that gave birth to it and regardless of the religious depth of the exclusivist beliefs underpinning it all, it is called Apartheid. How we respond to our own trauma and to the indifference or culpability of the world never justifies traumatizing others or an indifference to theirs.
In South Africa the Whites were a stable community and after centuries simply had to come to terms with Black people.
These housewives belong to a pistol-packers' club of women aged 25 to 61, all top marksmen. Apartness then not only becomes a foundation for ignorance of the other with whom one shares a common space.
In the face of this monstrosity, the Apartheid Wall, we offer an alternative: Solidarity with the people of Palestine. They bring coffee and sandwiches for a mid-morning break during their practice on the range. It also becomes a basis for denying the suffering and humiliation that the other undergoes.
We pledge our determination to walk with you in your struggle to overcome separation, to conquer injustice and to put end to greed, division and exploitation.
It's all part of South Africa's defense build-up against attacks which the country's leaders say they expect from other African countries. They advertise second grade meat, which is sold at a lesser price, bought mostly by the black Africans and servants. 23, 1976, fleeting police who fired shots to break up demonstrations against the government by roving mobs. The AP-Photo shows a black woman servant taking charge of a young white child while the little girl's parents are working. 30, 1989 with a crowd of supporters near Cape Town, as church organizations continued their campaign of defiance against Apartheid laws. De Klerk won a mandate to end apartheid and share power with the black majority for the first time by scoring a landslide victory in a whites-only referendum on reform.
Photo)Police take cover as Zulu Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) supporters flee as they are fired upon by unidentified gunmen, in this March 28, 1994 file photo in Johannesburg. Nine IFP supporters were later killed outside the African National Congress (ANC) headquarters as gunmen from the building fired on protesters marching past the building. The IFP are opposed to next month's all-race election and had called for a day of protest in the city. The painting, and other icons of the apartheid era, will be put into storage and replaced by a United Nations anti-apartheid exhibition.

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