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Chrysler has issued a recall for 37,407 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with manual temperature controls. Fords paying back there mortgage, there good for 102 years more, ford knows where the trucks stand, same recall in 08. Are we not a free country, where individuals can decide for there selves what they want to drive? It's pretty hard to defend a car company (Toyota) that has stalled correcting a mechanical defect that has been killing people. Ford is the biggest offender with exploding gas tanks in Crown Vics and Pintos and fires in numerous vehicles and Exploder roll overs. My 09' ram 1500 has an issue anyone having an issue with volume on radio sirius equipped when I turn up or down it shuffles between current volume and one up or down example 12 11 12 11 12 and does not change volume.was this a recall?
Bill the grinding noise you are hearing is exactly what you said it is, the plastic gears in the hvac system are stripped and the should be covered in the hvac recall, it was on my dodge(didnt have any problems with mine but they replaced them any way when they did my hvac recall). Great truck however, I have had the front bumper replaced by the dealer free once and have to have it done a second time because of rust. I had the driver side lower ball joint done once which was caught by the dealer tech during a routine oil change, also free. I had already taken it in for the software change, my question is could the software recall have caused my damper motor to go bad before the software upgrade? The reason I have posted about my damper motor is because the dealership wants $800 to replace the damper motor.
Hazard: The jackets have a drawstring through hood which poses a strangulation hazard to children.
Description and Models: This recall involves the Foursquare hooded jackets with drawstrings in boys and girls sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Sold at: Snowboard, ski and sportswear stores nationwide from June 2008 through November 2008 for about $125. Remedy: Consumers should immediately remove the drawstring from the sweatshirts to eliminate the hazard, or contact Foursquare for a full refund.
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The paint hasn't dried yet on the 2009 Mazda6 and the Japanese automaker is now forced to recall nearly 29,000 models due to some faulty door handles.
Obviously, dealers will inspect the car and replace the faulty parts, if needed, free of charge.

Mazda6 is a fairly new model on the market, with the second generation officially debuted in September 2007 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The software for the heating ventilation and air conditioning module may not work, causing the windshield defrosting and defogging functions to fail. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236. Earlier recalls dealt with a clutch pedal problem, a windshield wiper problem and a windshield wiper module motor assembly problem, according to NHTSA.
They are also the first to deny any problems and throw anyone under the bus they can (like Firestone) to try to save their reputation. Our truck started smoking and stalling out with NO power yes SMOKING out the tail pipe solid white smoke and you couldn't even see the traffic behind you! Also told them to check my headlights because they were going on and off one night I came home. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.
In February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines to help prevent children from strangling or getting entangled on the neck and waist by drawstrings in upper garments, such as jackets and sweatshirts. CPSC does not control this external site or its privacy policy and cannot attest to the accuracy of the information it contains. Although it may sound a bit funny at first glance, Mazda warns that such a problem could lead to death or injuries.
What Ford did Was Ask there Creditors to give them money to survive the economic downturn they were told NO.
Went to the car wash in 09 ram my daughter got a shower sitting in the back seat water poured in thru headliner took it to the dealer they said it is coming in thru the brake light up there part on order. Had the windshield module recall, the wiper sensor, started knocking so they had to replace the lifters on right side , and air conditioner went out. I had a dime-sized bubble in the passenger side rear wheel well paint fixed for free by dealer just last week. Lately, when I go to start it it will make a noise like a solenoid not working or something. They said they didn't find anything wrong but the other night on my way to work my lights started to do the same thing.
Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product.
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According to a notification issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or if you prefer NHTSA, recalls have already started on February 13 and will continue in the next few months. And speaking of the United States, Mazda also rolled out a sedan version of Mazda6 as it's well-known the fact that Americans are less interested in hatchbacks, with saloons recording the highest sales in this sector.
So Ford went to the Goverment and asked the Goverment Co-sign(Backup) there creditors so that they could get the loans.
I have owned a 97 intrepid,01 dakota , 01 intrepid ,05 ram , 09 ram and really had no problems i run them all hard but i also change oil on schedule and my preference its always castrol .
Love the way the truck drives but sure seems like a lit of trouble for a truck less than one year old. I also had an interior sound barrier that was attached with a tar adhesvie that melted off last summer into my passenger floor board. I am having problems first with the mil indicator light and shortly after with the gas cap off light. Today i noticed shifting from reverse to drive or reverse to drive it has a klunk noise like a u joint ping from the drive shaft.
Linking to this external site does not constitute an endorsement of the site or the information it contains by CPSC or any of its employees. We almost got hit by 2 semi's tring to change lanes in traffic heading back from Gainesville last weekend because the truck stalled when we slowed down slightly. But I must say, It's my first Dodge and the best truck I have ever seen inside and out.
I first was advised it was the gas cap to buy a new one and drive the truck 60 miles and that would fix my problem. I have had the vehicle inspected again and am told the issues are related to the Emissions switch located above the gas tank. First is this a common problem, 2nd being that it is Emissions related would it not be covered by the extended emissions warranty?
Truck just rolled 50000km there is probably more but can't remember, still like my truck and hopefully this is the end of my problems.

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