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Personal Safety is a topic of great importance to Violence Free, and we are often brought into organizations to teach the skills necessary to remain safe in any scenario. This is the number one FREE App in Google Play for Home Remedies and is recommended by top U.S. We will now be recommending the new American Red Cross First Aid App to all our clients, which allows iPhone and Android users to have lifesaving information at their fingertips. Medical Apps have increased in quality the past couple of years and the ones we suggest here can really provide the user with some quality and helpful information. While nothing can replace hands-on training, the following resource and videos cover the essential life-saving skills you need to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies.Get the Red Cross First Aid AppThese days there seems to be an App for just about everything, and that includes first-aid. During visits to the bank, I envision how I'd expertly take out any robbers who tried to start something with the teller.

When I'm driving, I imagine how I'd use my stellar first aid skills to save the day if the cars in front of me were to collide and someone needed assistance. In many areas you can find First Responder Training through your local hospital, fire department, community college, or local ambulance service. I suggest taking a look at our article on the 30 essential items you need to have in your First Aid Kit. And as I recently found out after a discussion with paramedic Jonathan Epstein, the senior director of Science and Content Development at the American Red Cross, even my most basic first aid skills are seriously lacking.It's not all my fault!
The American Red Cross recently revamped their first aid guidelines, meaning some of the advice we've been hearing our whole lives is no longer true. If the ebola virus comes to this country and you have to give CPR and the person has the disease, what do you do?

Check out these sneaky Signs of Dehydration.) The best way to rehydrate is to sip a carbohydrate- and electrolyte-based sports drink.
Here's what you should be doing instead: (1) tilting your head slightly forward and (2) pinching over the fleshy part of your nose—basically pinching your nostrils shut.
Instead, fill a bag with ice water, and put a thin cloth between the injured area and the bag. This isn't just slapping the person on the back: Lean her forward and give her five back blows with the heel of your hand.

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