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I first met John in 1998, when I became the Vice President of Marketing for Thomas Nelson Books. Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic. If you're like most of my readers, you're committed to winning at work and succeeding at life. About MeI am the co-author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want. I am also the author of the New York Times best seller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. I am the founder and CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, an online leadership development company. About MeI am the author of the New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. The loft bed must be the most popular item in Lea's Getaway collection; a simple yet elegant design featuring slatted bed ends coupled with the fresh white finish leads to a highly attractive, girly look that can hardly go unnoticed. To learn more about this collection, download The Getaway Catalog (right click and save as) compiled by the manufacturer. Space -- daughter's room is small and we needed more space -- this seems to be almost like a mantra repeated over and over by the reviewers of this bed. Quality of Build -- Lea's loft beds and bunk beds generally get excellent grades for their sturdiness and quality of build and this one is no exception. The Goodreads giveaway begins at midnight tonight, and ends at midnight on Tuesday, January 19th. Tonight, after a hectic day of clothes shopping with the kids, I came home stressed and tired, only to find a wonderful surprise in my email.
My thanks to Big Al’s reviewer, ?wasithinkin, for taking the time to read my book and give an honest, detailed opinion of my work.
From Nicole Storey’s website: “I’ve always loved to read, and spent many of my childhood days in the tall branches of an apple tree in our backyard. In Heaven … Michael has a secret, one that will cost him his position as an archangel if discovered.
In Dixon’s Bluff, Wyoming … Uncle Casen and the twins are desperate to find Jordan and bring her home.
Refracted is an outstanding addition to this series with unique, intelligent story-lines that were easy to read without having to go back and re-read book one. Refracted is book 2 in The Celadon Circle, I would recommend reading book 1Blind Sight first.

A mysterious key leads him to Eve, a young witch from another world called Grimsley Hollow.
Gage wanted friends and adventure, but had no idea they would come at such a dangerous price. You can get your free copy from Amazon from October 14th – 18th by clicking the universal link below. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from someone who has written seventy-plus books and sold more than twenty million copies. We worked together to put The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership on the New York Times best sellers list.
It changed forever the way I think about publishing—and how I approach it as a writer.
I will be sharing what every publisher wishes you knew—and how this can give you the edge you need to succeed as an author. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. We help overwhelmed high achievers get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed at life.
Crafted from a combination of fine hardwoods, veneers, wood products and simulated wood products, these loft beds come sturdy and durable, with a quality guarantee that is expected from anything that is connected to the La-Z-Boy name.
With plenty of reviews out there on this collection, the following should be a fair assessment of the beds' quality and general appeal.
The space saving capabilities of the Lea Getaway Loft Bed are definitely its most appreciated aspect, especially by those who live in condos, small houses -- any place really where space in children's rooms is at a premium. This, however, seems to be a bit of a hit and miss affair -- not everyone was too happy about the service they received.
I was thrilled when, in 2014, they not only reviewed Blind Sight (The Celadon Circle Book 1), but also chose it as a winner in their 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards in the #fantasy category. Storey’s, Celadon Circle Book One: Blind Sight was the winner in Big Al’s Books and Pals Readers’ Choice Awards for 2014 in the Fantasy category!
Miserable, homesick, with emerging powers she can’t begin to comprehend, Jordan doesn’t think her luck can get much worse.
With no help from their Guardian or the Celadon Circle, Casen makes a decision that unravels what’s left of their family.
Where Gabriel learns about the prophecy and is told there are certain stands he needs to take, despite Michael.

It’s a place where all magical beings live in safety and peace, but their realm is in trouble. Get a discount of up to 40% on replacement inkjet cartridges when you choose name brand compatible (generic) ink.
That's exactly why I wrote my new ebook, Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek: 4 Proven Strategies for Creating More Margin for the Things That Matter Most. The loft bed is reported to have the ability to really open up the usefulness of the room, allowing it to not feel overcrowded no matter how small it may be. It's also been reported that the bed feels strong and sturdy even with an adult lying up there together with a child. A couple of users also complained about the finish; cracked and chipping paint, parts not sanded enough -- is how they put it. This book shifts points-of-view and each chapter ends with you sitting on the edge of your seat where it takes you on to the next nail-biting situation.
Outraged when Uncle Casen and Nathan agree to give the plan a shot, Quinn takes off on his own with the relic. If so, don’t forget there are two more books available in the Grimsley Hollow series and another on the way. Previously cramped rooms with no space to play are said to have been overturned into pleasant little havens, to the delight of both the kids and parents alike.
With help from a holy relic and a long lost friend, he learns of a chilling prophecy – one that not even the angels and demons can survive.
I don’t know of another non-fiction author who has written more best-sellers than he has. The big boss sends Jordon on a mission, she gets to choose team members and if she completes her mission successfully she will be allowed to go back home to her brothers and Uncle Casen… or so he says. Of course, the area does also work great for the mundane stuff: storage, doing homework and such. It was hard to put the book down and I found myself reading until my eyes wouldn’t focus any longer.

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