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If you care about human freedom and sovereignty, please take a minute and sign this petition against the alien invasion of this world. Your voice maters! In every world, psychically gifted children are sought out and trained from a very early age.
Knowledge, also known as Higher Self or Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature, is the greatest power in the universe.
Pour jouer au jeu utiliser les fleches directionnelles: Fleche gauche et droite pour avancer, fleche haut et la touche Espace pour sauter et enfin la souris pour viser et tirer.
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These are gifted individuals that are especially trained in the ways of the mental environment.

The remote viewing programs were successful and opened the door to further research in this area. They can pierce through a world’s most hidden secrets without being anywhere near it.
In the future, human seers that are guided by Knowledge will be our race’s most valuable assets.
For instance, they accompany diplomatic missions and are used to facilitate understanding between fundamentally different species. In this fiercely competitive sector of the galaxy, races compete in the mental environment in hopes of keeping an edge over their rivals. We must become competitive on this level to hold any hope of maintaining our freedom in the universe.

A race guided by this wisdom is well positioned to compete with powerful and aggressive forces, even if it is militarily weaker. We will be able to discern their intentions, pierce their secrets and thwart their ambitions.

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