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ForestWander Nature Photography, the world wide source for royalty free quality stock nature pictures, has partnered with hundreds of affiliates to offer thousands of extreme nature photography adventure gear products. Expanding their operations to fill a unique niche for outdoor nature photography adventure enthusiasts. ForestWander claims to target a niche that is growing in popularity with hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The Internet has quickly become a massive multimedia outlet for video and high resolution digital photography.

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In a life-or-death scenario, the people who survive are the people who have already thought about what they would do in that situation.
Your brain suddenly is faced with the impossible task of trying to be logical and calculate the optimal reaction to an incredibly stressful situation… All in the blink of an eye. To make matters worse, numerous studies have clearly shown that, when emotions are running high, humans are terrible decision makers… Objectivity goes out the window, and we are easily paralyzed by too many options.

Troy Lilly who is an avid hiker and nature photography explorer, believes that many who are already devoted to general nature activities, are becoming amateur to semi-professional photographers as a result of the low cost of quality digital camera equipment.

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