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Join the Swiss Family Robinson on their desert island as they live in the trees, fight pirates, weather storms and create architecturally stunning treehouses of mammoth proportions. Survival sims are one of my all time favorite game genres, they come in many forms but not many get released these days and I'm itching to try and find some. Biosys (1999) puts you into the role of Professor ALan Russel, an eco-activist who has been contracted to design Biosphere 4. Robinsons Requiem places you in control of Robinson, a castaway who has crash landed on an alien planet.
Deus has you as a would be bounty hunter, sent onto a penal planet to kill a bunch of criminals. Wolf is a survival game where you play a wolf, you can start either as a lone wolf or in a pack, nurture cubs, migrate to new grounds and hunt larger animals. These are games I enjoyed immensely when I was younger (they're quite old) but I haven't seen anything even remotely close to the depth they offer in recent years.
Notrium is certainly worth downloading if you're interested in it, as it's small and free, but it's certainly not the most realistic survival experience or anything.
But you get hungry and thirsty so incredibly fast that the majority of your time is spent cooking.
It all sounds fascinating but I must admit it does not look like the games have aged that well. I was really excited about Dead Island, since the initial concept sounded like a survival sim.

I'm holding out hope Ubisofts much delayed title I AM ALIVE turns out to be a good survival sim. Survival Kids, the Gameboy game that Lost in Blue was a spiritual sequel to, was much better. The one time I played Robinson's Requiem, way back when I was young and innocent, I tied a tourniquet around one leg, proceeded to inject said leg with all sorts of things and then when I'd gotten bored I cut the leg off and died. For six days and nights, a storm tosses the Robinson family's ship around on the sea, before dashing it on the rocks off a deserted island.
In her years doing this, she has tried many products and seen many more she liked the looks of. You wake up in the jungle with amnesia and must puzzle together the disaster that has destroyed dome 4 while you try and revive its biosphere while at the same time keeping dome 1,2 and 3 alive. You need to salvage what you can from your ship and create makeshift weapons to hunt and survive, be sure to disinfect any water you pick up or you might just die of infection! It is a lighter version of Robinsons Requiem in that you don't die as much but it has many of the same features. If you are successful and eat well, you will grow stronger and maybe you can challenge the alpha wolf for control of the pack. I'm having way too much fun making bows and arrows, running around hunting squirrels and building shelters. It seems like it could provide a good base if you mandate eating and drinking and up the monsters.

I feel like a deep survival system like this could be implemented into some kind of Fallout-type RPG. You have to eat fruit harvested in the biodomes and try to manage any infections or parasites you pick up during your adventure and find a wealth of lost equipment to survive in the wild. I think the latest game I found is Fort Zombie, which is about raiding houses for food and ammo and materials to build barricades.
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We deliver the joy of reading in 100% recycled packaging with free standard shipping on U.S. I can handle that sort of thing without nostalgia goggles as long as the game is a compelling experience. Father and Mother Robinson, along with their four irrepressible boys, quickly settle into their new home--mining the shipwreck for supplies, discovering valuable resources on the island and animal friends, and even turning the treetops into their own lofty aerie. Johann Wyss's classic survival story is available for the first time ever as a Stepping Stones in this early chapter book filled with exciting black-and-white illustrations. Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use.

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