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This course teaches single rescuer techniques of adult CPR and how to help an adult choking victim. And, while both girls are passionate about play, play, play all year long, it's easy to say that summer play can quickly become the most overwhelming. Is it their fault that they aren't much help in remembering things when they're so focused on the PLAY aspect of the day? However, while it would be annoying to realize that I left someone's swim goggles at home when we arrive at the pool or didn't pack the requested grapes when we sit down for our between-activities picnic lunch, those can be easily ignored.
What can't is the way that my lovely, accident-prone 5-year-old manages to hurt herself approximately every 45 minutes throughout the day.
Which is why it is extremely important for me to be prepared to deal with every little mishap that might occur, no matter if we're still at home, are sliding at the playground or are simply strolling down the sidewalk. Whether packing for a vacation, visiting a local attraction or simply spending a day outside the house, accidents happen all the time. Plus, while you're checking out the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS website, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the SAVINGS that they have to offer right now! No matter if your list of summer essentials includes sunscreen, shampoo, makeup, allergy relief or just high quality first aid products, all it takes is signing up for program coupons and offers and you're on your way to keeping extra money in your pocket all summer long.
With plenty of summer left, these HEALTHY ESSENTIALS (and many other) Johnson & Johnson brands are going to be on your shopping list anyway, so why not save some money while purchasing them?

I have a lot of these products for Summer and really like the Neosporin because it really helps with skin problems in the summer. Stratford Community Services invites those working with teens to take advantage of the training opportunity April 29 and 30. At Advantage Safety Plus, we deal directly with manufacturers of the best name-brand safety equipment to bring you the lowest prices on the products you need. Order online to get the best prices on name brand safety gloves and glasses, work boots and more. Class will cover the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, when to start and stop CPR, warning signs of serious illness, disease transmission and legalities.
For those who have a duty to respond to a first aid or cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.
Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association, and any fees charged for such a course do not represent income to the Association. From the sunscreen to the beach towels to the ballet slippers, my mind feels constantly on edge that we might be leaving the house and forgetting something. Fortunately, HEALTHY ESSENTIALS products of all kinds can prevent pain from harmful UV rays, extensive crying from boo-boos and more. From safety gloves and work boots to first aid and respiratory masks, we have the equipment you need to stay safe on the job site.

I'm thrilled with the collection we received and have used each and every product multiple times already this summer! Safety is paramount, whether you’re working with electricity, chemicals or acids, in construction or metal working, or in any other profession where the right equipment can be the difference between a preventable accident and a job well done. Browse our products by category, or use our search bar to find the right equipment for your job. Carpenters will appreciate cut resistant and heavy leather gloves to prevent splinters, while those in the medical field need the safety and dexterity of disposable latex gloves. You deserve safety gloves and equipment that work as hard as you do, and never take a day off. We supply individuals, contractors and manufacturers with the tools they need to keep workers safe and productive.
That’s why you turn to Advantage Safety Plus for the best safety equipment products on the market at the best prices you can find.

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