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Win one of three season tickets for Mini Meadows Farm for a family of 5 with minimum one adult. Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter with all the lastest local offers, competitions, recipes and events. You can still freeze basil and use it in recipes throughout the year, no matter the season. Most gardeners do this in the fall before the weather changes in order to keep their leaves from getting ruined in the frost. Place into a sealed plastic container (Glad, Tupperware, etc.) in layers, with a paper towel on the bottom and between each layer of leaves or single layer of chopped leaves. When ready to use, remove the paper towel layer (or layers) you need and replace the lid, burping and putting back into the freezer. When you’re ready to use it, just pull out one or more cubes and throw into a pan, soup, cooking pasta dish, etc. There is a common misconception that it is not possible to have a garden when you do not have access to a yard.
Container gardening can use almost any size container to start, but you might need to remember that as your plants or foods grow, you may need to change them into larger containers.
People do not always tell you that even the most expensive potting mix probably does not have enough minerals in it to support healthy growth of anything. There are so many different kinds of fertilizer today that choosing one can be challenging. Although virtually every item that can be grown is likely to benefit from fertilizer, certain plants will need different kinds of minerals in order to grow well and be healthy. Snowdrops are normally very deep in the soil so take care when lifting or else they may come away from the bulb. Thin out carrot & lettuce seedlings and water well, protect from carrot fly by using fleece or mesh. Protect any developing fruits from birds and squirrels by placing netting around your plants.
Use a selective weed killer to tackle weeds in lawns and feed your lawn with lawn fertiliser to encourage healthy green growth. Some fun methods you can try are scooping out half orange, grapefruit or melon skins, lay them cut side down, or part-fill a jar with beer and sink into the soil, check and empty these every morning. Many of those who prefer freezing say that the process means you preserve more flavor in your leaves than you do through drying. You can cut the leaves with shears or scissors as you would as if you were about to use it fresh for cooking.

After picking the basil leaves, clean them thoroughly and let them completely dry on paper towels or cheese cloth. You can use freezer bags in place of a plastic container and squeeze the air out, keeping the bag flat. I freeze 6 oz at a time which is enough for most recipes such as pizza, pasta, omelets, etc. If you're looking for the most efficient way to enjoy your backyard, here are five top field tips to garden smarter, prettier, with more flavor, and with less cost. Container gardening can occur in the tiniest apartment, as long as there is some access to sunlight.
Research into the specific needs of the items you are growing is going to be very important as well, because over-watering can be as harmful to a tender young plant as forgetting to water could be.
You can save money using a larger container, but covering up the bottom part with old plastic bottles, then covering it with plastic sheets. If you do not use a fertilizer, or do not use the right one, you will be setting yourself up for failure and sentencing the little seedlings to death.
If you are confused or undecided, you may want to consult the packaging for the seeds you will be using. It is often suggested to start each plant, especially if they are growing in a container, with a slow release fertilizer and to then supplement them with the fertilizer of your choice every two weeks or so after that. I am constantly looking for new information and solutions to every day challenges and problems. The trick is to keep the leaves from getting frostbitten in the freezer, which industry has accomplished through vacuum sealed freeze drying. Or, harvest by cutting near the plant’s base at the soil level to remove the leaves in clusters. After they’ve dried (might take an hour or so), either cut off the stems and chop the leaves into bits or leave them whole to preserve the entire basil leaf.
There's nothing more exciting that to sow little seeds, then see them grow and pop up out of the soil as tiny seedlings in a matter of the day. Adding a layer of mulch around your nursery plants and landscaping trees and shrubs will cut weeding time to almost nil, making it a labor saving garden tip. Flowers are pretty just as they are, but why not add another dimension to your landscaping experience? Even if you don't have the place for a vegetable backyard, a little container on a porch provides a spot to grow a luxurious herb garden that offers all the flavors of the world at your fingertips.
Even without sunlight, you could always create a system of glow lights that would mimic the impact of the sun, but if you choose to do that, you should be aware that it can be expensive.

This not only allows you to use whatever size container you like or that is available to you, but reduces the amount of potting soil that will be needed to fill the container.
My children keep me busy at home, my husband supports me with everything that I do and my work extremely demanding. For the purposes of preserving, a lot of home gardeners will do a large harvest towards the end of the gardening season.
The olive oil for frying or pan coating is immediately available along with the basil you’re going to use anyway without measuring or chopping. Use whatever mulch you like or is readily available -- shredded cedar bark, pine needles, grass clippings, gravel or stone. As a growing tip, planting fragrant herbs and flowers means you'll be greeted with fresh perfume when you garden as well as lovely flowers and foliage. Herbs are eager growers, can take a few neglect, and produce sweet edible flowers and leaves.
Add the luxurious feeling of the tropics to porches and patios with leafy, tropical foliage plants. It is helpful, but creating a garden in that way should be seen as more of a long-term investment than a first attempt at gardening. Just make sure that you do not forget to allow some space for the future roots to go, so don’t use too many plastic bottles and don’t use something that is solid, like a plastic cutting board as the base.
I find that when I write about solutions to everyday problems, I feel better knowing that I may have helped someone else in my position, if not now may be in the future.
Remove after about three hours and burp the lid again, getting as much air as possible out of the container.
All you need is an excellent, spreadable medium to place around the shrubs in your landscape or garden. Palms, Dracaena, and Sansevieria all do well on shaded front porches, providing instant jungle ambiance to outdoor seating and dining areas. I enjoy being associated with Mom Exclusive as a contributor and columnist and I do hope all other moms will find my work interesting and useful.
Mulches made from plant material ( needles, bark, clippings) will break down over time and can be refreshed with a top layer every year.

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