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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The shrill sound of a survival whistle can carry a long distance, making it very helpful in locating people who are lost. The "5-in-1" Whistle contains 5 emergency and survival tools perfect for any emergency or outdoor trip. This handy little survival tool comes with a shrill signal whistle, signal mirror, compass, waterproof match container and flint. Hi Richard, here is how to use the flint: Scrape the flint(mainly made of magnesium) slowly with a metal blade to produce some debris in a small pile of hay, leaves or paper. Note: The size written down must be the size of ready-made suit,please measure with your suit on when take measurements.

The additional components on this emergency whistle make it a fantastic item for your camping and emergency needs.
The bright orange whistle includes a liquid-filled compass, waterproof container, fire starting flint, signal mirror, and lanyard.
Ultimate Survival Technologies' 5-in-1 Survival tool contains a waterproof match case, compass, whistle, fire starter flint and signal mirror in a durable case.
They were under two bucks each and I figured they were more of a novelty instead of something practical. Paracord survival bracelet increases survival chances by providing resources readily available on you. Sorry for that, this one on the website is the smallest one, we do not have any smaller ones.

An emergency kit or gear that you can take with you without packing heavy items or worrying about it getting lost as you have it on you at all times. A co-worker was joking about having a whistle to get students attention, so I have her one of the whistles as a gift.

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