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New 2016 Ford Edge will wear smart design and the car is available with style which is also presented for Ford Fusion but the shoulder line seems inspired by the BMW with a grille in six-sided design because the impact of Hyundai Santa Fe. 2016 Ford Edge has been developed by the company with the support of four and six-cylinder and both of these engines are new but familiar.
Rumored that the car will be launched few months away and it is possible coming in the end of 2014.
Mazda is currently working to build up several top vehicles prepared to reach on the international vehicle market. The car has been introduced last year at Los Angeles Auto Show and there are many changes to be presented include the power plant.
In addition, the car could express the look of Lexus RS especially for the C-pillars design. The base engine is 2.0 liter four with new twin-scroll turbocharged and it is revised to boost more power.

For sure, we still need to wait the official clarification for the rumors related to the new version of 2016 Ford Edge. We also have heard that the car will be sold for world markets with the long-wheelbase version and right-drive.2016 Ford Edge Sport Exterior and Interior2016 Ford Edge Sport will go with smart new look that gives no regret at all for the fans.
Speaking about the interior, the company adds it with better finish compared to its previous model. The car is quite promising to come with more functional design because the former capacitive-touch bar that is for volume and also fan speed that has been fired with buttons and knobs. For the shoulder line, it seems a bit like BMW and there is six-sided grille because the trade with Hyundai Santa Fe with C-pillars from the Lexus RX.
In addition, 2016 Ford Edge Sport has better and upgraded silhouette as an SUV so that it looks like more premium.
The company has been fired the former capacitive touch bar and also fan speed in 2016 Ford Edge Sport.2016 Ford Edge Sport SpecsThe good news is the company will develop a new lineup to complete this car as a four and also six-cylinder car.

It is rumored that the base version of this car will be supported by new twin-scroll turbocharged engine 2.0 liter which is revised from the predecessor to increase the low-end torque and it is true that 2016 Ford Edge Sport has much better performance because the lighter bodywork in this all-wheel drive car. It has 3,500 pounds of towing capacity and there is a big expectation that the car goes with 245 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque.2016 Ford Edge Sport Release In the end of the day, sooner or later, the company will launch the premiere information for its arrival. At this time, we only found the rumor that it will be launched to go for sales in few months away and it is possible that in the end of this year we could see the coming of 2016 Ford Edge Sport.

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