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Ford has unveiled the Edge Concept, an almost production-ready study that previews the next-generation Edge, which is scheduled to be launched next year as a 2015 model, ahead of the vehicles public debut at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show.
Sporting an evolutionary design enhanced by, narrow headlamps, horizontal taillights and a bolder front grille, the 2015 Edge will feature a range of advanced automated driving technologies, including the self-parking and obstacle avoiding systems currently under development by Ford. There’s no word on powertrains yet, but Ford says the 2015 Edge will be fitted with its new EcoBoost engines and active grille shutters for better fuel efficiency. Ford had nothing to say about a launch date for the production version, but you can find out more about the concept in the official press release below. The 2015 Ford Edge concept is the brand name’s next take on the household energy vehicle, readied to make its way to the marketplace for the 2015 design year.
The crossover utility section is a vital one for Ford’s product approach, and the Edge Concept represents the next actions towards a single lineup of Ford vehicles provided across the globe.
The Edge Concept showcases several of Ford’s next-generation convenience and security technologies, consisting of LED headlamps, collision avoidance systems, and industry-first parking aid tool. Upon first glance, the 2015 Ford Edge Concept has familiar percentages, with Aston Martin-esque styling hints discovered on the 2013 Ford Fusion. There was no mention of the engines being considered for the next-gen Edge, but more will be exposed in the coming months.
Specifically highlighting reality that the 2015 Ford Edge will be a worldwide utility automobile, the business will provide the Ford Edge Concept at this year’s LA Auto Show.
At Los Angeles car show, Ford have already unveiled concept for its new vehicle, 2015 Edge.

Concept of the 2015 Ford Edge was presented, but what we could expect under the hood is still unknown. We saw a concept of the 2015 Ford Edge, but start of the market sales is expected somewhere in mid-2015. The big news is that the next-generation Edge will be a global vehicle, with availability extended to Europe, China and South America.
The existing generation of Edge crossovers, which debuted in 2006, stay the top-selling mid-size crossover in the section– offering 3 times as lots of systems as the competitive Nissan Murano or Toyota Venza crossovers. That park assist function not just can parallel parking the vehicle, however it can also park itself in perpendicular spaces– even without a driver behind the wheel. Exactly what is known, though, is that Ford has a comprehensive lineup of contemporary drivetrains to choose from, ranging from plug-in hybrid systems to the more assertive turbocharged EcoBoost four- and six-cylinder engines.
According to the regional agent the new generation Ford Edge model is developed for Europe and China markets, in addition to parent America. Even so, we assume that it will be really near the price of the first generation that varies from $27,700 to $39,150. Anyway, there are some rumors telling us that Ford will give 2015 Edge a 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. It’s distinctly less curvy than the existing model, however these new chiseled lines make the Edge Concept look a bit more modern-day, a bit more current. For all present was surprising the fact that Edge Concept is the most realistic screen of serial item, and that will not substantially deviate from everything offered in the concept during production.

Inside the vehicle we expect leather use on dashboard which should get completely new look.
Still in developing mode, the 2015 Ford Edge is not expected before the end of this year, and it is possible that premiere will be delayed until Detroit motor show. There are also some new features, like adaptive steering, horizontal taillights and a bolder, three bar, front grille. If the same powertrain will used, it is probable that it will be mated with automatic gearbox and AWD option. All these details, new MyFord entertainment system and its big 10-inch touch screen will make interior of the 2015 Ford Edge pretty luxurious. The plan is to make them automatic, and by opening and closing it, operating temperature will be kept in ideal value.
Beside all mentioned, they improved it with unique air curtains, which will guide air from the front of the vehicle, out through the front wheel wells and down the vehicle side.
Also, Fully Assisted Parking aid system and obstacle avoiding systems are there to make driving easier.

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