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Lo mejor de contar con marcas de nivel internacional en relacion a la construccion de vehiculos es que en cualquier momento te pueden sorprender con el lanzamiento de coches verdaderamente interesantes, eso es lo ha hecho la compania estadounidense al traer al mercado al Ford Flex 2013 Limited AWD EcoBoost.
Se trata de una maquina poderosa, no solo en cuanto a potencia se refiere sino tambien en el equipamiento que integra, invierte en un frota con faros con tecnologia LED, parachoques enormes y luces de iluminacion diurna, a ello agrego cinco puertas y un habitaculo sumamente espacioso y ergonomico.
Los cuatro neumaticos se han visto enriquecidos con la traccion emanada de su sistema de motorizacion, hablo de un bloque de 3.5 litros y seis cilindros en V, todo ello durante el proceso de  combustion es capaz de emitir un desarrollo equivalente a los 287CV de potencia. El torque del Ford Flex 2013 Limited AWD EcoBoost lega a las 254 lb-pie, sin embargo tambien estara disponible una version turboalimentada que es susceptible de propugnar un empuje semejante a los 365CV, y un par maximo de 350 lb-pie respectivamente. El peso total del Ford Flex 2013 Limited AWD EcoBoost de unos 2000 kilogramos, y para concluir te dejo con un video que integra imagenes complementarias del coche en mencion.
El Ford Flex 2013 Limited AWD EcoBoost esta disponible en la mayoria de concesionarios de los Estados Unidos de America, el coste oficial ronda los 46.220 dolares.
Los coches todoterreno son la especialidad de la marca del ovalo azul, es por ello que hoy te presento la version 2013 del Ford Flex 2013, se trata de un vehiculo con una carroceria que sigue un parametro geometrico muy recto, sin embargo cuenta con un habitaculo sensacional que lo colocan dentro de los todocamino mas comodos del mercado. El diseno del carenado supone que el Ford Flex 2013 es una maquina para aventuras y conducciones en rutas dificiles de transitar, los faros luminosos con tecnologia LED resultan extremadamente utiles al momento de recorrer calles o caminos por la noche, sus neumaticos llegan a las 21 pulgadas de diametro. Ambas variantes se hayan asociadas a una transmision automatica de seis marchas, mucho mas facil de utilizar debido al acoplamiento de las levas a un costado del volante multifuncional, ahora ya no tienes excusa para volver al capo con un buen vehiculo. Entre los datos que no he mencionado en el articulo esta el equipamiento interior, es por ello que te invito a reproducir el video de complemento localizado sobre el ultimo parrafo. Eight years after first going on sale, the Flex is still funky, but it posts the smallest sales numbers in Forda€™s lineup. While the Flexa€™s positive attributes havena€™t changed since it was introduced in 2008 (and only improved with its updates for 2013), the competition has moved on, and this Ford is starting to show its age. Ford refreshed the Flex three years ago with a new snout and added a touchscreen infotainment system with capacitive-touch dashboard controls and a pair of displays in the gauge cluster. For those with children, particularly those rare rascals who make messes, the Flexa€™s shortcomings might seem more like boons.
Ita€™d also be nice if the speediesta€”and we feel the besta€”Flex, the EcoBoost, were slightly more affordable, particularly given its age.
With bogies all around, how high will Honda's new Pilot fly in the increasingly competitive crossover skies? Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, writer, reporter, and software engineer. Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend. 6 thoughts on “Updated 2016 Ford Explorer starts at $30,700 – What Do You Think?
From what I’ve read, the Explorer has had a bevy of quality issues that go beyond the old My Ford Touch system. The 2011 Ford Edge comes out highly updated – additional power, exterior design, diminished wind and road noise, better interior quality and innovative features, to name a few.
In the recent years, the Edge is a bit dry in comparison to Ford’s other vehicles in terms of updates and design.
The Ford Edge features a modern style which makes it distinctive from other box-looking crossover SUV’s.
The Sport model has more enhancements including 22-inch polished aluminum wheels which are some of the largest fitted on a crossover SUV. On the inside, better materials and high-tech electronics interface makes the Edge look and feel very first-class. The space inside of the 2011 Edge is comparatively roomy and boasts off comfortable and child-friendly rear seats. Most models have cloth seats while leather-trimmed seats are fitted in the Sport and Limited models. The MyFord Touch is offered as a standard on the Limited and Sport models and optional on the SEL. Other safety features of the Ford Edge are standard dual stage front airbags, front seat mounted side-impact airbags and side curtain airbags, four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control. All in all, the 2011 Ford Edge is a good SUV choice because of its handling, exterior and interior enhancements and its MyFord Touch controls.

The Taurus has been a favorite because of its size and the styling that comes with its performance. This is good enough to haul the car's 4,000 lb curb weight along at a pleasing pace without the car feeling strained. Some large cars can seem rather unexciting when seen from outside, but this Taurus is one of the better looking large sedans on the market. Once you get into the 2012 Taurus, you will realize one of the reasons that the car has become so popular. The Taurus is a car that has performed well in federal safety testing, obtaining a maximum five-star rating for side impact damage, and creditable four-star scores for both front-impact and rollover events.
Ford's unique MyKey system allows parents to let their new-driver children use the car, but limit certain aspects such as maximum speed or how loud they can set the radio volume. Although it is obviously a little early to tell what the long term reliability of a 2012 model car will be, the early signs are good. This suggests that the Ford Taurus can be relied on, and that Ford's recent improvement in its reliability record will likely be maintained with this model. Controls layout of the new 2012 Taurus is extremely good, while its usability is reasonably excellent.
AccuPayment does not state credit or lease terms that are available from a creditor or lessor, and AccuPayment is not an offer or promotion of a credit or lease transaction. Sharing its structure with the Taurus and Explorer, this big box seats seven comfortably, with room for all their stuff. Neither a high-riding wannabe SUV nor a traditional car-height station wagon, the Flex still offers distinctive, unabashedly squared-off style and a useful, reconfigurable three-row cabin. The Explorer, which shares the Flexa€™s underpinnings and packages the three-row seating format and similar size into the more popular crossover mold, outsold it more than nine to one over the past three years. The inner door panels are mostly hard plastic, onto which soft-touch pads are added; the same plastic is used for the top of the dashboard, and it is used more widely the farther rearward one moves in the cabin. Those basic elements carry over into 2016 with one key exception: The old MyFord Touch infotainment touchscreen has been replaced with Forda€™s latest Sync 3 setup, which is easier to use and more responsive to inputs. While the base model starts at $30,495, the engine is exclusive to the $43,995 Limited EcoBoost model. However, the Sport models don’t quite go as smoothly as other models because of its sport suspension but may be preferred by those looking for a fun ride.
A look at the Edge’s external properties reveals a more prominent chrome grill clad by LED running lights. The electronics interface called Ford’s MyTouch comes in a touch-screen display with additional voice commands that compliments the existing Sync system. Base models offer manually-adjustable seats while the SEL trades them for a six-way power driver’s seat.
The MyFord Touch system controls most of the car’s functions and has a very good interface. Acceleration is on the brisk side for a large sedan, and the car continues to display the long-standing Ford virtue of responsive and accurate handling, as well. For the real speed freak, though, there's the special SHO edition, which benefits from a tuned 365 horsepower unit. It has a fairly low-slung look that emphasizes the sporting credentials Ford has become known for in recent years; while its stylish creased metal look further shows off the car's athletic feel.
That's likely to mean that the car will appeal to slightly older buyers, but those who still appreciate a touch of style. The Taurus boasts of a large trunk capacity for this class, which is a welcome for families that need the space. The roof pillars are perhaps a little thick, so it might be worth considering the optional camera and sensor system for extra peace of mind. We like it, and always have, but Ford doesna€™t sell many of them, and the modela€™s future is uncertain.
Another platform-mate, the wallflower Taurus sedan, outsold the Flex by nearly three to one during the same period.
While not transformativea€”this is still an eight-year-old interior, after alla€”the new display is welcome.

The 365-hp EcoBoost engine is among the most powerful found in a vehicle like this, and even though our test car trailed a 2013 Flex EcoBoost we previously tested to 60 mph, it did the deed in 6.2 seconds.
The Explorer is the best selling three-row crossover in the United States (just check the 2014 sales numbers). The Sport models’ 3.7 liter engine comes with the six-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission with paddle activation.
In the past, there were complaints about the braking but that may not be the case now since Ford has upgraded the four-wheel disc brakes for 2011.
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated the Edge “good” in frontal, side impact and rear crash protection tests. There's a little more plastic than you would expect from a true luxury sedan, but aside from that, this is a very well designed car indeed. With its days potentially numbered, we thought it wise to check back in on our favorite pseudo wagon while we had the chance.
Most people look at the Flex and probably think, rightly so, that ita€™s some sort of retro-modern take on the all-American station wagons that roamed the interstates like invading ant colonies in the 1960s and 1970s.
Ita€™s even easier to take a paleontological approach to date the Flexa€™s interior by studying its various buttons and switches; the steering-wheel controls, for example, are a generation behind those in Forda€™s latest vehicles, and the Flex tested here suffered from wavy cutlines around the speaker grille on top of the dashboard and an overhead sunglasses holder that didna€™t fit quite squarely in its opening.
We only wish Ford had also tweaked the touch-sensitive center-stack controls for the HVAC and some audio features. No matter the engine speed, goose the throttle and therea€™s power on tap, ready to haul the Flex around like a smaller machine. If you demand a carlike driving experience with serious off-the-line swiftness, there are few three-row, family-hauling alternatives to the Flex, but there are many far newer ones with less punch that drive nearly as well.
It’s related to the engine first introduced in the 2015 Mustang and tuned specifically for the Explorer.
On the other hand, the Sport model has a 3.7 liter engine capable of producing 305 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. Power has awarded this car a Predicted Reliability rating of 4.5 stars, out of a possible maximum of five. Thata€™s precisely why we dig ita€”that and the available 365-hp, twin-turbocharged V-6 EcoBoost engine. The entire dashboard was about half an inch closer to the left-side door panel than to the right-side door panel, leaving a nearly one-inch gap on the passenger side. They remain rather small, especially given the amount of unused space around them, but at least most every major adjustment also can be fiddled with via redundant controls on the Sync 3 display. The trade-off is fuel economy, which, at 18 mpg over 1000 miles of driving (including a trip from Michigan to Virginia and back), is right in line with the last Ford Explorer Sport we reviewed.
We still enjoy the low-slung Flexa€™s spiritual connection to classic station wagons and its admirably anti-establishment shape, and we hope the modela€™s low sales figures wona€™t deter Ford from keeping it in the lineupa€”in fact, wea€™d say it merits a redesign. However, there are now five distinct trim levels: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport, and the new Platinum. It should come as no surprise that for this retrospective test we chose to sample the Flex Limited, the only way to get the meaty V-6 (a 287-hp 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V-6 also is available in the Flex). That Explorer had the identical engine and weighed about the same, so the result isna€™t surprising, but given the Flexa€™s carlike appearance, ita€™d be nice to crack 20 mpg in normal use. The relatively low ride height makes it easy for little (or aged) ones to climb aboard, and loading stuff into the Flexa€™s cargo hold is a snap.
Even with the third-row seats in use, therea€™s much-better-than-average luggage space thanks to a deep well behind the seats.
The second-row captaina€™s chairs are comfortable (although they lack center armrests) and are spaced apart in such a way as to leave a reasonably sized pass-through aisle to the two rearmost seats (a three-person second-row bench also is available).
Of course, you can flip either second-row seat forward for access to the back, but ita€™s not necessary. The third-row chairs, by the way, are best suited for younger passengers; this five-foot, ten-inch author fit, but the cushion is low and there isna€™t much foot space under the second row.

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