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This 2004 Kia Optima came in with the complaint that all of the power windows stopped working at the same time. To go one step further, I reinstalled the fuse and checked for power on both sides of the fuse with a test light.
I located the pink power supply wire to the power window switch and there was no power present, with the key on.
In looking closer at the wiring diagrams I found that the relay is controlled by the ECATS module. After checking the power at the pink wire and confirming, I had tried the assembled switch once more and the original clicking was absent this time. View DetailsIf you're looking for Metal Type , please click Here for Textured or ClickHere for Smooth Black.
After first removing the fuse in question, I use a small screwdriver to release the locking tabs on the window or clear cover. I looked in the component locators,in the data base that I use and the only reference that I could find to it was that it is located in the junction block. I said “No, as usual the internet is useless when it comes to finding needed automotive technical information.

If you have power, everything else that is involved in supplying power to the pink wire is okay and there will be other causes for your windows not working. Also sometimes it is very hard to tell by visual inspection that a fuse of this style is good or not. Not knowing where the relay was prompted me to remove the driver’s door panel and check to see if power was present at the connector. One of my best friends was at my shop at this time working on a ATV and mentioned that I should do an search online. They call me!” We both busted out laughing and I told him to go back to playing with his ATV while I got to work.
I thought that maybe there was a problem in there so I wanted to remove and inspect it for damage. 1L5Z9943400AAA FO1915109 Outside New Tailgate Handle Ford Ranger 1998-2011 (Fits: Ford Ranger)18 Month Warranty. New Tailgate Handle Outer F150 Truck Ford F-150 Ranger Mazda B3000 FO1915113 (Fits: Ford Ranger)24 Month Warranty.
I laughed and told him that you cannot find information like this on line and that is one of the many reasons why I started Sparky’s Answers.

When I started figuring out how to remove it, I realized that the lower edge of it was loose. You can bet I am bookmarking this page and will try your grounding test if we have further problems. New Tail Gate Tailgate Handle Outer Exterior Outside F150 Truck F-150 FO1915113 (Fits: Ford Ranger)Hassle Free Returns.
Then at the bottom of the panel find a hand hold and pull the panel to release the plastic retaining pins.
It did remind me that Kia has a very friendly information site so I went there and signed up so that I could find the information in the dealer site. There were three harness connectors that had to be released and they were quite difficult due to the ngles.

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