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How do i reset the change oil light on my 2010 mustang gt, Source: after changing oil on 2006 corola how do you reset. Engine light is on: 2007-2014 ford expedition - what to do, A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 2007 ford expedition.
Don't just sit there scratching your head, find useful info on do it yourself car maintenance on ehow. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014) and F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). Your car will not take you anywhere without the battery, so knowing how to replace your battery will help get you back on the road quicker and cheaper.
Don’t touch any wrenches between the battery terminal and any other part of your vehicle. Read your owner’s manual to determine if there is a reset procedure for your vehicle, expecially if it has a Battery Monitoring System (BMS).

Remove the negative terminal first and then remove the positive terminal by holding onto the rubber tubing and not the exposed metal terminal to avoid shock.
Install the new battery by placing the battery back in the tray, tighten the clamps, and attach the cables starting with the positive one first.
If you go to turn the key but the motor isn't turning over on your Ford F-150, you may have a bad starter. If your truck is rumblin' and stumblin' at idle, it is time to service the idle air control (IAC) valve. This article applies to the Ford F-150 (2004-2014), and the F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). The F-150 is a hard working truck, except for when it fails on the job and refuses to start.
Spark plug wires can affect your Ford F-150 or Super Duty in ways that will keep you scratching your head. Check out these awesome new Projector Headlights and LED Tail Lights we just received from Spyder and Spec-D Tuning!  Some of these headlights feature unique LED strips and halo rings as seen on many newer vehicles.
LED tail lights are a great way of replacing your dull, boring factory tail lights and improving your vehicle’s looks.

Wear rubber gloves and keep them and the battery away from your clothes so the acid doesn’t destroy them. Angel eye headlights are a great way to customize your vehicle and give it that unique look.  If you looking to get the best combination of style and light output, you can pair up your projector headlights with a XenonDepot HID kit for improved viability. LEDs draw significantly less power than standard filament bulbs and will put less strain on your vehicle’s battery and wiring.  Not only are LED Tail Lights stylish but they are also functional as they provide a brighter light and will last longer compared. Your car battery lives 2 to 3 years, and if it lives longer, you should be ready with a replacement.
So if your lights are dim, your car sounds weak when you're starting it, or if you are not getting any power at all, it means it's time for you to read this article and change your battery.

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