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This supercharger kit is great but my only question is did u guys lower the compression ratio. Does the kit come with a new transmission?Thank you, and new axles, cause ours are only rated for 300hp, and the tranny blows too, so we'd need a new one of those also. Brand new bolt-on turbo system released for the 2005-2007 Ford Mustang GT, delivering 550 HP, perfect driving manners and easy installation.
Turbonetics is pleased to announce that its bolt-on Ford Mustang GT turbo system is ready for sale and shipping now. Turbonetics R&D team has conquered the complex Ford ECU on the Mustang to deliver forced induction unlike any other system offered on the market today. Talk about a revolution, this turbo system will change everything you think domestic power should be.
For nearly three decades, Turbonetics has been a leading source for turbochargers, heat exchangers, controls and related forced induction performance items. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Included in the Super B Twin Turbo kits are our X-Intake system with a twin turbo air flow matched conical washable Green air filter,  casted and machine matched turbine connection, powder coated mandrel formed intake pipes, oil return and supply fittings – some kits even include our pulse tuned exhaust manifold.
We suggest tuning your fueling program to not exceed 1200 degrees f when working your engine hard with whatever turbo combination you have.

I got it installed and sent my pcm in to whipple and I'm running lean on bank 1 and 2 and am not reaching the hp the site said it would produce and rereading about the product it talked about fuel system upgrades and in trying to see what could be the problem? I would like to know if this unit will work on my 2008 f250 4x4 it does have the 5.4 and its a 3 valve? While the head unit and its manifold would bolt up just fine, the plumbing and air feed hardware are all meant for an F150, and would likely need extensive custom modifications to fit and function on a Super Duty.
With this kit, shouldn't you be replacing the injectors, fuel pump, pretty much the whole fuel system also? Incorporating a patented Ceramic Ball Bearing turbocharger for immediate spool-up and custom ECU re-flash for silky smooth power delivery from the moment that you step on the gas pedal. Our engineers overcame the complex fly-by-wire throttle control to allow our turbocharger system to bring power early in the rpm range, yet drive like stock.
Turning a good factory vehicle into a great one, the Turbonetics system features stainless exhaust plumbing and black-chrome aluminum intercooler piping. Today, Turbonetics manufactures turbo and intercooler products for gasoline as well as diesel passenger and industrial applications. Adjusting your waste gate closed for higher boost pressure provides more air and cooler exhaust gas temperatures. You will receive pre-paid postage in the kit that you will use to next day ship the PCM into Whipple and they will load the tune and send it back to you.

Also will this still allow usage of E-85 fuel since that fuel is higher octane than premium? With no hesitations, herky-jerky low rpm starts, or partial throttle cruising hiccups that you will find on other supercharger and turbo kits, this system gives you complete control over your high spirited ride. It is Turbonetics mission to produce the highest quality performance forced induction systems, components and accessories, resulting in unsurpassed customer satisfaction and leading edge technology, based on a proven history of engineering and racing experience.
Extreme high exhaust gas temperatures will cause head gasket problems among many other problems.
Plus with no supercharger belt to drive, you will have an extra 40 HP to put to the wheels since the turbocharger harnesses the engines exhaust gases to make power.
Rated to make 550 HP, the Turbonetics system brings more than a feeling of nostalgia when you get behind the wheel. Turbos need exhaust temperatures to develop boost but temperatures above 1200 F reflect not enough air for the amount of fuel injected.
Not to mention that fuel economy is better with turbochargers than other forced induction types because you control the boost with your right foot.

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