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As 2015 comes to a close, we anxiously look forward to all the wonders 2016 will have in store, and that includes 12 (hopefully) amazing book-to-film adaptations. This year, we saw several successful adaptations come alive, including "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay," "Insurgent" and "The Scorch Trials," and we expect nothing less from 2016. So, here are 12 fantastic books you should need to add to your reading list STAT, because their movie versions are about to become your newest obsession in the coming year.
The first in a trilogy, Cassie must team up with Evan if she ever wants to rescue her brother after aliens invade Earth and plunge it into total chaos. The final book in Roth's "Divergent" series will be divided into two separate films, a la "Harry Potter." The novel follows Tris Prior's daily struggles as she and Tobias plan to look for a better life on the other side of the fence.
Following "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," the sequel involves Alice discovering time moves backwards in the Looking-Glass world. This romance novel places Will Traynor and Louisa Clark together after both suffer a major setback to their lives, thus uprooting them of everything they once knew as normal. When Vee is chosen to participate in an online dare game, she realizes the game is much more than it seems.
The first in a series, the story follows Jacob Portman as he discovers children with extremely unusual abilities.

Compared with Gillian Flynn's "Gone Girl," this novel follows Rachel Watson, an alcoholic who makes up stories about a couple she sees everyday while riding the train. Rafe Khatchadorian kicks off his first year of middle school by trying to break every rule in the school's Code of Conduct.
What it's about: In this true tale, Grann tells the story of how British explorer Percy Fawcett got lost searching for an ancient, fabled civilisation in the Amazon in 1925.
Who's starring: Charlie Hunnam will play Fawcett, and Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller will co-star in the film, which will be directed by James Gray.
What it's about: In this YA novel, a teenager named Jacob explores the ruins of a strange house on an island near Wales.
What it's about: This young adult sci-fi tale is the first book in a trilogy about Kady and Ezra, two former love interests whose planet is invaded in the year 2575. Who's starring: Channing Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin are co-directing, and Tatum may star in the film. What it's about: The classic novel tells the story of Philip and his mysterious cousin Rachel, who may or may not be guilty of murdering another of their family members. What it's about: Set in 17th-century Japan, the book follows the story of Jesuits who are trying to bring Christianity to Japan.

Who's starring: Andrew Garfield is playing Father Rodrigues in the film, which is being directed by Martin Scorsese. What it's about: The Da Vinci Code series continues with Robert Langdon's latest adventure as he tries to stop another international scheme by following clues in Dante's Divine Comedy.
Who's starring: Tom Hanks will reprise his role as Langdon, and Felicity Jones will costar as Sienna Brooks.
Part 1 will debut March 18, 2016, while Part 2 — called "Ascendant" — is slated to premiere June 9, 2017.
After teaming up with Ian, the duo discovers a secret location and suddenly their game just turned deadly. But when Rachel notices something that could be potentially life-threatening, she vows to uncover the truth about the "happy couple" on her daily commute. One evening, he's greeted by a monster who wishes to share stories with him, as long as Conor shares one of his own stories — nay, secrets — too.

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