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In addition to having the proper hardware and supplies, you've got to know what the heck to do with 'em! In addition to what's in the First Aid Kit itself, there are a few other things, not a direct part of the kit, that are always around when needed.
A I always keep my nails super short when I travel to reduce the amount of bacteria under my nails. A I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with SPF 45 for my body because it doesn’t feelA greasy and Olay Complete with SPF 15 for my face.

Tune into triple j on Australia Day from midday (EST) to hear the countdown of 2012's Hottest 100 songs as chosen by you. It's a requirement!There are times that you are the one who just has to be equipped and able to take care of yourself or somebody else. Things such as blankets (for prevention or treatment of shock), rope for tourniquets, scarves for slings, even parts of our Dog Agility jumps can do double duty as splints! Army and just a few years of doctoring livestock and an occasional two legged critter with an injury, I pretty much have that handled.If you don't, and you'll be spending any significant amount of time way out yonder, you need to deal with that missing knowledge now!

Make sure you have the training you need to take care of yourself and a minor injury need not turn into something worse!
Get banged up any worse than that and they're pretty much useless.My answer to the scarcity of decent kits has been to assemble what I figured to be necesssary to deal with more serious wounds myself.

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