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Automotive headlines - auto channel, Nasa establishes institute to explore new ways to protect astronauts (20 jul 2016) yamashin america inc. Ford model cars to buy - mini model shop, Ford model cars available now at the mini model shop. It looks like there has been a fair bit of midnight oils burnt down around kilsyth over the last few months, with a big range of new arb 4x4 accessories being announced.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. With the summer months heating up and cross-country road trips beginning, many people want to make sure their vehicles are prepped for the long haul. The engine thermostat has been an important component in automotive internal combustion engines for almost a century. Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System DiagnosticsIt’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail. For many today is just another Wednesday, but for a lot of people it is more than just your average Wednesday, it is "Back to the Future" Day.
Some blame the design of the engine itself for all the ills it has suffered, while ­others blame consumers for not maintaining their engines properly. The 3.5L V6 was used in 1993-’97 Chrysler LH cars (Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler New Yorker and LHS, Eagle Vision) and the ’97 Plymouth Prowler. In 1998, the 3.5L was reworked and given an aluminum block and additional tweaks to increase the power to 253 to 255 hp, depending on the application. The 1998 to 2010 all-aluminum versions of the 3.5L SOHC V6 were used in a wide range of Chrysler models including the 300 and 300M, Avenger, Challenger, Charger, Concorde, Intrepid, Pacifica, Prowler and Sebring. One of the most common problems with these engines is that the oil tends to sludge and break down — especially if the oil is not changed every 3,000 miles.
As sludge and varnish build up inside the engine, it can restrict the small oil passages that deliver oil to the crankshaft bearings, increasing the risk of oil starvation and bearing failure. If you find evidence of maintenance neglect such as foaming or sludge on the underside of the oil filler cap, a plugged PCV system or oil that looks like tar when it drains out of the crankcase, recommend a crankcase flush to remove as much of the accumulated sludge and varnish as possible when the oil is changed. Also, inspect and clean the PCV valve when the oil is changed, and replace the PCV valve every 30,000 miles to keep the PCV system working at peak efficiency. Any engine can develop coolant leaks after years of service, and the 3.5L V6 is no exception.
If an engine is running hot and there are no obvious external coolant leaks, and the radiator cooling fans are cycling on and off, and the radiator isn’t clogged or obstructed, pressure test the cooling system to check for an internal coolant leak. If the cooling system holds pressure, and the cooling fans are functioning normally but the engine is running hotter than normal, it’s probably a worn water pump.
Regular coolant maintenance is absolutely essential on these engines, so if the coolant has not been changed in five years, it may be time to drain, flush and refill the cooling system.
For 2001 and newer vehicles, Chrysler recommends a long-life HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) or GO-5 type of antifreeze that meets its MS9769 requirements.
If you’re replacing a water pump, be sure to inspect the upper and lower radiator hoses, and heater hoses. On 2006-’08 Dodge Charger and Magnum and Chrysler 300 vehicles, Chrysler issued a recall (L08110617-010) regarding a fan separation problem. Chrysler probably should have used a timing chain in this engine, but instead opted for a less expensive timing belt. The early 1993-’97 3.5L engines are non-interference engines, so if the timing belt snaps or jumps time, the engine won’t bend any valves.
Replacing a timing belt on a 3.5L V6 is typically a two- to three-hour job, so the cost of preventive maintenance is relatively cheap compared to what a broken timing belt could cost the vehicle owner. The life of the water pump is about the same as the timing belt, so if you’re replacing one, you should replace both at the same time. The newer 3.5L V6s came factory-equipped with long-life platinum resistor spark plugs with a recommended replacement interval of 100,000 miles.
The second generation 1998 and newer 3.5L engines have a coil-on-plug ignition system, so you obviously have to remove the coils before you change the plugs. Caution: Chrysler TSB 18-024-01 warns against cranking the engine with any of the coils removed. Also, if you notice oil residue on any of the spark plugs, the spark plug tubes in the valve cover and the valve cover gasket might be leaking. On the first-generation engines with a distributorless ignition system, be sure to inspect the spark plug wires when changing the plugs. If you encounter a 2008 Chrysler 300, Magnum or Charger with a MIL light on and a DTC P050D (cold start rough idle set), the PCM may need to be reflashed with updated programming to eliminate the false code.
On some 2008 and 2009 Chrysler 300, Magnum and Charger models with the 3.5L V6, a strange whistling noise may be heard in the engine compartment while the engine is running.

On 2009-’10 Dodge Challengers and 2008-’10 Chrysler 300, Magnum and Charger cars, the MIL may come on because of a false DTC P0339 code (crankshaft position sensor intermittent set). Larry Carley has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, including experience as an ASE-certified technician, and has won numerous awards for his articles.
Try changing the oil, if its small enough it should get trapped in the filter or bottom of pan. Just wanted to point out, the oil sludge, inadequate PCV and small oil galleys only apply to the 2.7l engine as well as the running hot. If the engine has been neglected, with the water pump not being serviced within ~105,000 to 110,000 miles, it may be too far along to do anything; it depends on how you value the car. I drive my 2007 all wheel drive 3.5 L v-6 only 5 miles a day to and from work in stop and go traffic. On my 3.5l the pcv valve has a hose connecting to it which connects to a part that has a total of four hoses connecting to it. The right name is (rear timing belt cover to engine block o-ring) Please, could somebody lets me know what is a part number for this? I need help figuring out how the vacuum hoses go back on correctly they got mixed up when changing the valce cover gaskets.
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Following are vacuum diagrams for most of the engine and emissions package combinations covered by this information. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. I found the CHT sensor, but I'm also looking for the Coolant Temperature Sensor that provides information to the temperature gauge. The sending unit for the gauges is mounted on the top side of the intake manifold (see diagram below). The CHT sensor: Is mounted into the wall of the cylinder head and is not connected to any coolant passages.
Are the Temperature switch and the ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sending unit considered the same part? The truck does not run Hot while idling at all, it registers Hot when I raise the RPM to 3000 or take the truck for a ride. No problem, make sure you click on the ACCEPT button so that I may get credit for my work, thanks. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. AlvinC answered a question about my Ford truck that only someone with an in-depth knowledge of his subject would have known what was going on.
Because of your expertise, you armed me with enough ammunition to win the battle with the dealer.
I do know, after going though this with JustAnswer, that I can somewhat trust my mechanic but I will always contact you prior to going there. I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. Brown With White Stripe Wire - Electric Shift Control Switch (4-Lo) To Electric Shift Control Module And Instrument Cluster.
Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops.
Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification.
Body techs and painters rely upon them every day to achieve that perfect finish on your customers’ vehicles.
This engine was introduced back in 1993 as an “upgrade” from the earlier 3.3L pushrod V6 engine. But regardless of who’s at fault, these engines do represent a significant service opportunity. Chrysler designed new heads and manifolds to accommodate the overhead cams, and a sexy dual-throttle cross ram intake system with a manifold tuning valve.
Unfortunately, Chrysler failed to upgrade some things that needed to be upgraded, like the undersized oil galley passages in the block, the troublesome coolant pipe that runs under the intake manifold, the undersized PCV system that doesn’t pull enough air through the crankcase and the overall reliability of the engine itself. These engines run hot, and with a PCV system that barely flows enough air to pull moisture out of the crankcase, it doesn’t take long to create an oil sludging problem. These engines have a small metal heater tube that runs from the front of the engine under the intake manifold. The design is more efficient than a typical stamped metal impeller and produces less cavitation, but the soft plastic impeller can be eroded and worn down by rust and sediment in the coolant.

HOAT coolants contain a combination of inorganic acid and organic additives for added protection against aluminum corrosion, which is important with the all-aluminum 3.5L engines.
Be sure to inspect the long tube on each coil that fits down over the spark plugs for cracks or carbon tracking. If any of the coil circuits shorts to ground in the engine bay, you can damage the coil driver circuits in the PCM! So unlike the newer 3.5L engines that use a serpentine belt with an automatic tensioner, tension on both belts needs to be checked and adjusted periodically. The fix is not to replace the crank sensor, but to reprogram the PCM with a software update (TSB 18-005-11). I checked the fan and the engine cooling fan blades are both broke and free spin on the motor. Because vacuum circuits will vary based on various engine and vehicle options, always refer first to the vehicle emission control information label, if present.
This is for a v8 5.4L engine and I replaced the temperature switch on top of the Intake Manifold. The ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sending unit is mounted in the front of the engine, is it on top of the intake manifold? Here is how Ford recommneds it to be done (CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS).Thank you again for trusting us with your problem. If I continue to have problems after implementing the recommended steps, can I follow up with you or some other expert regarding my problem?
Some would question whether the move was a step forward or backward because the 3.5L V6 (and its variants) has a poor reputation for ­reliability. The front of the block was modified to accommodate a front-mount oil pump and a timing belt drive for the overhead cams. There’s an O-ring seal at the front of the engine that tends to fail and leak after so many years of service. If this happens, the pump won’t  circulate as much coolant, causing the engine to run hot and overheat. One other possibility would be a restricted catalytic converter that’s creating backpressure and causing heat to remain in the engine. The same coolant can be used in the older 1993-2000 applications instead of a conventional green formula coolant.
If the timing belt is not replaced at the recommended mileage, the risk of belt failure increases with every mile that’s driven.
There should be enough clearance to run the wires under the fuel rail without having to remove it. Chrysler TSB 18-036-08 says the fix for this is to reprogram the PCM with updated software that corrects the condition. If the code persists after the software update, it may be necessary to shim the crank sensor or replace the crankshaft flex plate.
No problems untill the ac blew hot at the same time the radiator temp went up while parked. Rear cover, for timing gear and then front cover with common belt, well behind this cover have three O-rings, the big one for water pump and two small for each water duct bank.
Should the label be missing, or should vehicle be equipped with a different engine from the vehicle's original equipment, refer to the diagrams below for the same or similar configuration.If you wish to obtain a replacement emissions label, most manufacturers make the labels available for purchase. Also, what is the purpose of the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor, Temperature Switch, and Coolant Temperature Sensor? Lubrication issues, oil sludging, coolant leaks, overheating and low-mileage ­engine failures have plagued this engine family from the get-go. Don’t attempt to bend or force the fuel rail upward for added clearance as doing so may damage the rail. The problem is the water pump is simply a bad design, it’s engulfed in oil and driven by a long and overloaded timing chain. If the 97 ford expedition does not need or use the Coolant Temperature Sensor, why are all the auto parts store selling the part and recommending they the CTS be changed along with the Temperature Switch? I saw the full images that you sent me, but I'm not seeing the Coolant Temperature Sensor listed, is it known by another name? Replacing this tube is a labor-intensive and time-consuming repair job, as it requires removing the upper intake manifold and fuel injector rail. The four cylinders that are not being fuel injected act as air pumps to aid in cooling the engine.

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