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Finish construction documents for your shipping container home and submit to building authority for permitting.
Begin grading work including any required excavation for foundation, utilities, storm water management, and septic.
When the shipping containers arrive on site, they are crane-lifted one by one onto the foundation, hooked into place, and welded down to marry them completely to the foundation. Install interior framing, insulation, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, and rough out all fixtures.

Staged inspections through the build with contractor and building official - foundation, plumbing and electrical, architectural, and fire.
These heavy-gauge steel containers are so strong—each is designed to carry 57,000 pounds—that they need only be fastened at the corners to hold fast, much as they would be on a ship.
In the example above, the shipping container bottom corner blocks are welded to steel plates imbedded in the concrete slab to secure the house to the foundation. All corner blocks are welded to each other to secure the containers to themselves in the image below.

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