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In 1902, finding the White House somewhat decrepit and cramped, Theodore Roosevelt embarked on an extensive remodeling of the Residence. For many years, a stable and then a greenhouse occupied the east grounds of the White House. The room during the Truman reconstruction, showing the old flat ceiling above the 1902 vaulted ceiling. Plans had been in the works for years to build a new White House or expand the original, including some quite grand designs.

McKim held little regard for historical elements, and worked fast to strip the house of most of its floors and cover over old walls with new plaster.
He also added bathrooms on the second floor and installed new elevator and electric lights everywhere to replace most of the old gaslight fixtures. The only proper way to make more room for the first family was to move the executive offices of the presidency out of the second floor and into a building of their own. TR wanted to tread lightly, and merely remove the Victorian decor accumulated over the previous thirty years to returned the White House to its Federal-period roots.

By the end of the year, the job was complete, although the result was more Georgian than federal.

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