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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers is, "what size or weight are ISO shipping containers, milvan, and connex containers?" In this weeks addition of the Shipping Container Modification Blog we are happy to provide a chart of milvan sizes and discuss custom containers that DropBox Inc. Complete with standardized dimensions and lifting points including corner casting and fork lift pocket these new intermodal connex containers could easily be transported via the major transportation means at the time. Typical containers have a set of double swing doors on one end of the ISO shipping container and are 8' 6" tall but can be built with doors on both ends and increased heights. Here is a handy chart that lists the dimensions and weights of most commonly used connex containers in the market. In addition to providing ISO shipping container modifications out of standard and high cube milvans, sea cans, and connex containers DropBox Inc.

The DT Swiss 350 ISO Disc front disc brake hub is known for its durability and reliability. In the late 60's to early 70's the standard dimensions were set forth by the International Maritime Organization and made milvans easier to transport because of the consistent dimensions and designs. ISO Shipping Container Modifications and Sea Can, Milvan, and Connex Container purchases CONTACT US HERE or call us toll free at 888-388-7768.
In the 1950's commercial shipping operators and the military started developing "standard" size steel containers that would be easy to transport in mass quantities via ships, railroads, and roads. Through the combination of multiple ISO containers, the shortening or lengthening of connex containers or via "stick built" custom dimensions DropBox Inc.

The main difference between the hub lines stems from the fact that the 240s has additional machining for weight savings.
Having built shipping container modifications of varying widths from the standard 8' up to 12' in a single unit DropBox Inc.

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