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Please do not make a selection for your water tank requirements before examining Karmod’s, the leader brand’s, water tank prices. Developing its product quality and portfolio continuously by means of R&D, Karmod has adopted the mentality of introducing innovational, functional, useful products and customer satisfaction as a principle. A list of our most commonly requested rain water tanks from JoJo Tanks and Nel Tanks follows. Both Nel and JoJo manufacture polyethylene water tanks with a black inner lining to preserve the water for human consumption.
If the tank you are looking for is not listed below, or you have particular dimensions in mind to fit your space, click here to send us an email with your requirements and we will reply with size and pricing options.

Or to place an order, send us an email letting us know which tank you would like, the colour you prefer and your delivery address. You can get assistance from Karmod’s customer relations managers for determination of the correct storage solutions and water tank prices.
JoJo Tanks carry an eight year guarantee, Nel Tanks a five year guarantee, provided the tank is correctly installed.
For more information on these tanks please send us an inquiry and we will respond with any information you may require. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

The tanks listed below are for above ground use, and cannot be buried underground or used to store chemicals. Design and engineering services has been given idea from customers, and make out the thinsg you imaged.
Istallation and construction team is experienced with installation, commissioning and training service at cutomer’s factory.

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