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The Heera Roto polymers offers the most practical water solution for domestic and industrial use- the Heera Water Storage Tank.
The Trusted Online Leaders in Emergency Water Storage Tanks, Water Purification & Rain Harvesting! The Poly-Mart 500 Gallon Water Storage Tank is made from the highest quality rotational molded polyethylene and is designed for above ground use. Pictured Above are photos of all the items INCLUDED with a purchase of a Poly-Mart Emergency Water Storage Tanks! Potable water storage tanks should be actively mixed to avoid thermal stratification, reduce the formation of nitrates and lower disinfection by-products (DBP). Our tank mixing equipment can be fitted into any underground or above ground water storage tank including standpipe water towers, ground storage tanks and elevated storage tanks. The Pulsair mixing process works by producing sequentially timed pulses of compressed air to generate large bubbles at the tank bottom.
Pulsair systems uses a vertical active mixing process to quickly break up stagnant layers of water and reduce the formation of thermoclines and thermal stratification in potable water storage tanks. Active mixing of potable water with the Pulsair mixing process helps to eliminate nitrification that may occur where chloramine is used to disinfect drinking water. Potable water tank mixing with Pulsair helps protect again trihalomethanes (THMs) and helps ensure EPA Stage 2 DBP Rule compliance.
Intermittent rising air bubbles from the Pulsair mixing process creates vertical in the tank and increased agitation at the water surface keeping the water in motion which greatly reduces the formation of ice or freezing in the tank.
Potable water tank mixing should happen fast and the mixer should be responsive to unforeseen events that require immediate mixing to occur.
Pulsair custom engineers each potable water tank mixing system to fit all types and capacity tanks.

The Pulsair mixing process is an 'Active' mixing proces and ensures that all the water is mixed whereas 'Passive' mixers only work when the tank is being filled which can result in higher costs.
Efficiently mixing large multi-million gallon tanks is done easily and quickly with the Pulsair mixing process.
Provides uniform temperature distribution and consistent water quality without any deadzones.
Manufactured from best quality raw materials and by modern machinery the vertical tanks are highly useful for all water storage purposes. Many families elect to store water in their garage, basement or empty closet in preparation of Hurricanes & Earthquakes, Power Outages or a Contaminated City Water Supply. Be sure to wrap your thread tape against the grain of the threads and be sure to only wrap 2 revolutions. Stainless Steel is less corrosive, higher quality, doesn't rust and is great for drinking water.
The Lead-Free Brass Ball Valve Assembly's are for the bottom fitting of your Emergency Water Tank. The rising bubbles create an immediate vertical circulation pattern in the tank that stirs and blends 100% of the water in the tank. The rising bubbles create immediate vertical mixing circulation pulling colder water up into the tank to achieve uniform water temperature. The Pulsair mixing process quickly mixes multi-million gallon water tanks to achieve uniform water temperature reducing the occurrence of nitrification. Unlike small mechanical mixers that can take up to a week to completely mix a potable water tank or passive duckbill nozzle can only mix when the tank is being filled, the Pulsair mixing process can mix 100% of the water in a multi-million gallon tank on demand. Storing Potable Drinking Water is usually at the top of the list in practicing practical preparedness.

However most importantly, this option will allow you to lock your valves with a standard pad lock (pad locks not included).
The Pulsair tank mixing process is the fastest and most energy efficient because it uses gravity to do the work of mixing. Poly-Mart 500 Gallon Water Storage Tanks come with built in UV stabilization to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight.
Whether your trying to deter curious children from emptying your water supply or keep someone else from using it, this is a great option!
The Black & Dark Green color limits light penetration, which reduces growth of waterborne algae. If storing your water outdoors, select a dark color to limit algae growth and store your water in the shade if possible. The Brass Ball Valve Assembly is used at the base of the tank and can be used for filling or draining. It's recommended to select Black, Dark Green, Dark Grey or Dark Brown as your color for outdoor water storage. These flats allow you to customize your tank to your needs by enabling you to install fittings where you need them most.

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