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A 5 gallon water bottle container is the most popular choice used in the water delivery service. 5 gallon water bottle caps will prevent any spilling by enabling direct connection with the dispenser or water cooler base. Both Polycarbonate and PET 5 gallons water bottle storage solutions are virtually indestructible, reusable many times and approved by FDA standards.
They act pretty much like drinking water faucets and have tubes to dispense purified water. A 5 gallon water bottle pump is great for emergency situations, when your freestanding cooler or dispenser may be out of order for repair.
8 Refreshing DIY Container Water Gardens - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
I love interior decorating, but I have to admit that lately, my mind wanders towards outdoor projects more than indoor projects.
I am absolutely in love with this idea from Cuckoo 4 Designs, and it’s on the top of my list for the new house. There are a thousand different versions of DIY birdbaths, but my favorites tend to be the ones that are more natural-looking and not too fussy, like this brick birdbath from Robin’s Nesting Place. Planter boxes can be so pretty sitting on a patio or deck, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for them.
This is one of the two elevated garden beds that I built last spring, and we’ve loved having them! Last summer, I painted a cheap (as in, less than $20) outdoor rug for our courtyard area using leftover latex paint. Unfortunately there are no instructions included with this hanging daybed idea from HGTV Remodels, but I wanted to include it because I know many of you could certainly figure out how to make it.
There’s just something beautiful about an aged terra cotta pot with the natural patina that age brings to it. Outdoor lanterns can add such great ambiance to your back yard, whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening with family, or entertaining friends.
I actually dream of having a big pond with a waterfall one day, but something tells me that that day is in the very distant future. If you love getting your hands in the soil outside, then you’ll obviously need a convenient place to work.

I’ll be looking forward seeing to your craftiness when y’all DO manage to get everything settled out for your new house !
Love all of the ideas and here’s hoping that you get that backyard sooner than later. So when you make the elevated planter do you put something down as a base so the water and soil don’t go through the boards and warp them? We did line it with landscape cloth just to keep the dirt in, but we wanted the water to be able to drain. DESGRACIADAMENTE VVO EN UN LUGAR MAS DESERTICO, Y CUESTA MUCHO MANTENER LOS JARDINES, CLARO QUE CON DEDICACION, TODO SE LOGRA, MUCHAS GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR ESTAS PRECIOSAS IDEAS!!!!!!!!!! Girl i love that you made a blog for yourself to share with the world your a virtual genius! A built-in 5 gallon water bottle holder will be especially handy when you try to load a new full water bottle into the dispenser unit, or washing an empty one for refilling purposes.
It is sturdy, durable, light, resistant to leakage and cracks, and is very cheap to replace in case one accidentally breaks. Previously, PET storage containers were only used once and then recycled, but with good wash using dishwasher detergent to completely sanitize the bottle, it can be refilled and used repeatedly.
The steel containers can be expensive, and impart metal taste into the drinking water if kept for too long. To pump out water, it just needs pressing at the top of the pump to create pressure in the air champers.
The pump is also best for travel occasions; or sports events, such as outdoor camping trips, because they are portable, collapsible and inexpensive to purchase. I shared some pretty amazing chicken coops a few weeks ago, and I found this one from Living and Learning With Luisa just a few days later. DIY Design Fanatic has instructions for building these pretty little planter boxes for a very reasonable price. It’s been out there for almost a year now, through the fall, winter, and spring, and it still looks good! But if you don’t happen to have any on hand, you can create your own, and All Things Heart And Home will show you an easy way to do it. The Art Of Doing Stuff shows you how to make these beautiful lanterns from items found at the Dollar Store.

I am working on my outdoor living space right now so I can’t wait to tackle a couple of these! Im a Realtor in San Antonio, and so im always looking for nice ways to make the front or back yard more appealing to potential home buyers. I just love the vertical palette herb garden, light glove birdfeeder and old baskets hanging lanterns! I live with my husband, Matt, our dog, Boo, and our cat, Peeve, in our 1948 fixer upper that I'm remodeling pretty much by myself.
If not, the screw on cap needs to be removable and you might need to buy a separate lid for safe storage of the extra 5 gal. However, health concerns regarding use of Bispherol-A (BPA) - a chemical present in plastic bottles with recycling symbol number 7; and other potentially hazardous substances to human health associated with plastic has raised some worry in environment-conscious consumers. Note that handles cannot be made of PET plastic, because it is not rigid enough, so when recycling, the handles has to be cut off. However, it is a bit heavy and hard to transport, as well as complicated to install on your water crock dispenser. That’s why creating your own water body is so cool, whatever you like – a fountain, a water wall, a pool or a pond.
But my cats love the warm sun, and I just know they’d enjoy going outside during the spring, summer, and fall. This, obviously, makes the glass water bottle delivery cost much more than standard plastic refilling services. We’ve already told you how to make some of them, and today I’d like to roundup some tutorials dedicated to container water gardens. This is an awesome idea for any outdoor space you have – from a big garden to a small front porch – such a garden will be accommodated easily anywhere! Any container you got would do – from an old stone bowl to a big bucket bought in the nearest shop.
These fun projects get to be such fun conversation topics when we have family and friends over.

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