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My friends at Rainwater Warehouse, a leading provider of rainwater harvesting technologies, asked me to publish this press release about the introduction of a complete line of rainwater harvesting systems and products now available for purchase on their new website. SARASOTA, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 19, 2011 — Rainwater Warehouse has launched a new website offering a complete range of rainwater harvesting systems and products. The company offers complete rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater harvesting components with field-tested dependability. Featured on the website is the Rainwater Warehouse Deluxe Rainwater Harvesting System, sold with a 300 or 500 gallon tank. The Deluxe Rainwater Harvesting Systems are supplied with corrosion-resistant schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings.
The tanks have manways installed at the top which are sealed tightly to prevent accidental death or injury.
If you are not in the market for a package system, Rainwater Warehouse also provides individual components and downloadable kit plans for the “do it yourselfers”. Also available for purchase is a decorative downspout filter and a custom decorative pipe sleeves with a special precast footer. Homeowners once purchased rainwater harvesting systems to decrease their water footprint or save money on their utility bill, but rainwater can also prove to be a useful asset in times of emergency. Create peace of mind with an independent, alternative water source using a Rainwater Warehouse Deluxe Rainwater Harvesting System. All major credit cards are accepted and the team is available to speak to if you have any questions prior to purchase.
A reporter from National Geographic wrote this article about one community that, after decades of suffering from the chokehold of poverty, has become an “incredible example of how rainwater harvesting can create prosperity.” Government environmental regeneration programs have helped villagers install rainwater storage systems,  and this investment in sustainable development is proving highly effective.
Elsewhere in India, Barefoot College is training rural women to become green entrepreneurs in an effort to help the country grow in a way that is environmentally responsible. In India, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have taken an active role in generating the capital needed to build catchment systems. It’s really exciting that investing in technology that helps the environment by reusing natural resources is catching on.

I was happy to oblige since I thought many readers who are green professionals  might be interested in this product line.
According to Principal Jack Burden, Rainwater Warehouse provides a complete range of residential and commercial rainwater harvesting products. These systems include the highest quality components, separating their systems from the likes of those you may find at a boxed retail location.
The system offers multiple mounting options for downspout, filter and tank placement and boasts of easy installation in fewer than 30 minutes. Molded of food grade polyethylene resin, the tanks have a long term UV package and are suitable for use in or out of direct sunlight.
They offer a range of products and services including fixed cost design review, the Apex PumpBuddy®, Leaf Beater® and custom made commercial grade downspout filters. The decorative systems can add an architectural element to the home or hide the visible elements of a rainwater harvesting system. You will never have to worry about water regulations or drought when you have your own source of harvested rainwater. As resources dwindle and weather patterns become more erratic, the country’s rural majority will dive deeper into poverty due to global climate disruption if action is not taken to alleviate the risk. Barefoot College’s low cost, decentralized and community driven approach capitalizes on the potential already present in villages by training the women in skills including solar engineering, healthcare and water testing. Roof catchment systems move the water into a storage container (sometimes underground), like a rain barrel, through pipes or gutters.
Groups like Jal Swaraj create rain centers that provide information, resources, and training for locals. In Malaysia, the Environment Ministry is encouraging developers to make rainwater collection systems a selling point for house buyers and to stress the point that while these systems might be expensive today, they will save a lot of money tomorrow.
The company offers packaged solutions directly to green build developers, builders and homeowners.
These systems are field tested to stand up to the sun, lawn equipment and are tamper resistant,” Burden asserted.

When you purchase a system from Rainwater Warehouse you aren’t just buying a system, you are buying independence.
Through rain water harvesting and accessible career training, local forward-thinking institutions are transforming communities to be better prepared for environmental hardships ahead.
People around the world have been harvesting rainwater for thousands of years, but the concept is now experiencing a revival in light of water scarcity problems that are caused by global climate disruption. To see it for yourself, click this link for pictures of the various types of rainwater harvesting systems available.
In turn, these locals present their wealth of traditional wisdom about how best to interact with nature. Hospitals are in on it, homeowners are in on it, even hospitals and baseball teams (which I will write about later on because that’s an interesting story in and of itself). They also provide commercial grade rainwater harvesting components to builders & owners of commercial properties. Many systems on the market today are made with low quality components; our systems are built to last,” Burden explained.
Rainwater Warehouse provides only the most durable systems and components, field tested and proven to withstand the elements. The collected water can then be used for watering lawns, washing cars, flushing the toilet or whatever else you can think of. The NGOs give money or building materials thereby enabling residents to put their knowledge to work and appeasing the water crisis in their area. The revival of rainwater harvesting is essential in times of environmental uncertainty and I can only hope that more people will save and reuse resources in this way.

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