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Great Customer Service - We only work with companies that provide high quality customer service. Most people have never went through the process of finding a shipping container and they end up having lots of questions.
Shipping container rentals usually cost around $75 a month for 10' containers and up to $250 for 40' containers. Here are some of the most common questions that customers have when looking for a shipping contianer.You can also check out our section on shipping container tips for more helpful information.
It will cost anywhere from $1,500 - $4,500 to buy a used shipping container, and about $2,000 - $6,000 more for new containers.

The top reason to choose a shipping container over self storage or space in a warehouse is the price. Most cities do not require permits to keep a container on your property, but it's a good idea to ask the company directly. You can check out our guide on shipping container prices for more detailed information on prices. Shipping container rentals are about $30 - $50 cheaper than any other option every month, and shipping containers are the only one that you can actually purchase. With the largest network of local shipping container companies, it's not only easy for customers to find the right shipping container, but they can also save hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars in the process.

They are also more convenient, and they can be kept anywhere you want, and you can access them anytime you want.

Load carrying capacity of 20 feet container trucks
Ocean container interior dimensions inc

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