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We Sell, Hire and Modify shipping containers and we can also arrange your shipping container delivery. Feel free to contact Port Container Services now by phone or fill out an instant quote form, and a member of the team will help you with any of your shipping container enquiries. Port Container Services offer premium shipping containers for sale and hire that can be delivered directly to your door, anywhere in Australia. We carry a large range of used shipping containers available in a variety of types and sizes ready for fast delivery across the country. Our secondhand shipping containers are built from solid steel structural components, timber flooring and come standard with double container doors that open up to a full 270 degrees. Our used shipping containers for sale are built to last and are an ideal storage solution for all your storage requirements. We also offer new shipping containers which are available in 3m (10') 6m (20') and 12m (40') shipping container sizes. If you don't want to buy a used shipping container outright, then you can hire a container at a price that wont cost you a fortune. If you would like a quote on one of our used shipping containers then fill in our easy to use quote form and we will email you our current brochure and price guide instantly. The experts here at Mac Customs have provide not only simple shipping containers, but units that have been custom manufactured for various purposes. If you don‘t find a container on our website that suits your requirements, then just call us on 61 7 3868 1590 to discuss a solution for your needs. Our container hire and sales provide shipping containers that are fully weatherproof and secure in a variety of sizes: 3 m (10 foot) 6 m (20 foot) and 12 m (40 foot).
Our refrigerated shipping containers and cool room containers are ideal for when you need to store chilled or frozen food stuffs. We can deliver our moving unit to your premises so that you can pack your gear yourself, saving time and money. Great as either a short term or long term solution, our combination toilet and shower facilities are easy to set up, relocate, clean and store when not in use. Nothing will make your employees happier at the end of a hot, hard day of surveying or prospecting than being able to cool off in one of our swimming pool containers. One of our most popular products, these pipe or wire racks have the same footprint as a shipping containers, making them easy to stack and store.

Also, with the addition of elastic cargo netting, you could transport these containers with your equipment still intact inside, making site set up even easier. Our flat rack shippment containers are designed to transport oddly shaped cargo or cargo that is larger than the dimensions available.
Order Mac Customs products for professional and safe transportation of items large and small. Description: A resourceful Builder based in Krabi Thailand, had always been intrigued by the idea of shipping containers being used in a practical sense and so when he was forced to relocate on a tight budget, he went on to finally built his own home, which includes a restaurant. Get updated when we add new content by leaving your details below,We promise to only ever send you emails directly relating to Shipping Container Homes. We have a large range of shipping containers available from a number of Shipping Container Depots all over Australia. Our shipping containers are ideal to use for storage, and we can even modify your shipping container so they can be used for a workshops, site office or even an accommodation unit. Our shipping container depots located across the country hold new and used stock, chances are there's one near you. We can also modifiy your used shipping container by installing specialised accessories to increase functionality of your container such as vents and whirlybirds, shelving, windows, roller doors and security lock boxes. Our new shipping containers come in a variety of colours, and you will find our shipping container prices are very competitive.
Container hire is a cost effective alternative to traditional self storage which allows you to store your goods at your own premise safely and securely. For example, our range includes fantastic Shipping Container Homes for Sale, which have been extremely popular for people who need to move around a lot. We can provide a CSC export certification if the units are required for transport to an overseas country.
These are ideal for setting up sites with no water service or for temporary sites as when not in use.
As with any of the products you buy from us, they remain easy to store when not in use and are delivered to you quickly.
These racks are fantastic for organising and stocktaking pipes, wires or other high-use equipment.
These are extremely useful when first setting up a site, or even as a long term storage or organisation solution.

All used shipping containers are certified for export and comply with shipping line regulations.
Simply place a container ramp at the opening of the unit and you will be able to access via forklift or trolly with ease.
Although he experienced some issues in the building process, both stemming from others and his own mistakes, this can definitely be put down to the fact that Thailand is not familiar at all with shipping container home processes, nor had the Builder had any previous experience with this himself.
We have long term and short term hire agreements available and we can deliver a container to your door, wherever you may live in Australia. These shipping containers can transport clothing, industrial or agricultural equipment, furniture, electronic equipment and other miscellaneous products. They can also be used as site offices, control rooms and housing for special machinery plants. Open top shipping containers are perfect for oddly shaped machinery, project cargo and many other applications.
All dangerous goods shipped in these containers comply with legislation relating to AS1940-2004. As with everything you live and you learn and overall, it was a smooth process and one that he would do again if he had the opportunity. The fact that shipping container homes are becoming more popular worldwide means expert advise is more readily available than before, something the builder stated is imperative to a smooth building process.
Our shipping container hire options are competitive, we're sure to have the solution for you or your business. If you are interested in shipping containers homes for sale, then please feel free to Contact Us Today! As always, the fact that it was built with ‘used’ materials, which can then continue to be re-used time and time again, is a huge benefit to our planet.

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