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Two years ago we wrote an article on What to do with your used cooking oil and since we are in the high cooking (and probably frying) season, we would like to invite you to revisit that post and make sure you will be disposing of your cooking oil the best way. Also, Earth911 posted some interesting information about cooking oil that is worth reading.
One bit of sad news about our article is that local recycler Elias Victor is not making biodiesel from used cooking oil any longer.
We left a message for Green Oil Recyclers at the number listed in the county's Recyclopedia (321-403-1771).
Help our county!Do your share to show you care.Recycle, Brevard!Because everything you do matters.

Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Here you can register to get the full Used Cooking Oil Recycling Business Classroom Training Curriculum of the 6 week course and stay tuned for the online webinar meeting coming soon. Let's hope they are still operating in the area and are an alternative for whomever would like to recycle their used oil. For example, Wastevegoil, in the UK, offers free collection of any amounts of waste vegetable oil of 20 liters or more and the recycled oil is converted into biodiesel. I am a mom of one and step-mom of two who lives in Brevard County and is concerned about the use of our natural resources and the effects of that on our environment in general.

We understand that everything in this universe is connected and we need to take care of our world, starting at our home and our community.I believe in our community and in the power of different people working together toward a common goal. My hope is that this initiative helps in the journey of making the world a more sustainable place for us all to live in.Since there's no better time to start than now, let's take this journey together and make it happen!

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