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Shipping containers are fitted with a CSC plate (passport for a container), this ensures they are a€?Cargoworthya€™ and are suitable for a shipment.
In the factory we ask to have a lock box or cowls fitted to the double doors for extra security.
Self-storage companies particularly like the new (once used) containers as their customers prefer the cleanliness and the look of them.

We ensure our depots check the containers prior to leaving our yard, to ensure we meet our customers requirements. Please note that whenever you see a new container for sale on Ebay, then you might want to check for VAT.
We bring in these containers with one cargo into the UK from China, this can take anything up 3 months from production time to arrival in the UK.

The Shipping lines or Leasing companies don't actually need this, as they fit seals to the double doors to avoiding someone tampering with the cargo.

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