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Unlike refrigerated rooms, containers allow you to relocate your business to a new location at any time, or transport a large quantity of stock to another location without having to worry about where to put the goods upon arrival. Self Storage Containers for hireContact us on 02381 103838 or click here to get your highly competitive promotional opening offer. Before you jump head first into renting a shipping container, you'll want to consider five factors that could impact your decision: Rental duration, the interior environment of the container, the overall condition of the unit, delivery of the container, and its overall security. The period of time that you'll need the storage unit can greatly impact your decision to rent, or to buy.
Will the storage container be sitting in one place the entire time, or will you need to move it between sites during the rental period? New and used shipping containers vary in purchase price, and they can also vary in rental price. Renting a shipping container to use as an on-site storage unit is a great solution if you're moving, renovating a home, or require short term seasonal storage for your business.
Having built up excellent relationships with initial owners, TITAN are able to supply quality used containers in most markets worldwide.
Several times each year we manufacture these type of containers in China to meet demand for these smaller sizes. Built using traditional container material and technology these are robust small containers that are ideally suited where there is limited space. All 3 models include our standard high door handles for ease of use and a lockbox for security locking. From time to time we also convert new (and used) 20' containers using prefabricated parts.

It's common for people to rent containers when they're moving into a new house, remodelling their current home, or when companies need short term storage solution for seasonal inventory or other similar circumstances. In circumstances such as home renovation or seasonal storage you have a clearly defined period of time that you'll need the storage for, and it makes complete sense to rent the container. It's rare that a storage container needs to be moved, but in the event that it does you'll first want to check with the rental company to see if moving the unit is permitted. This is great way to keep everything inside protected from the elements, but the possible issue that may arise is internal condensation. If the items being stored need to be kept in a clean, environment and the container will be dropped in a visible, high traffic location, be sure and ask for a new or refurbished container. If the container isn't secure, everything that you have inside of it could be vulnerable to theft or damage, and obviously that defeats the very core purpose of having a storage unit. It's possible to save money with a little research and planning by considering the rental period, delivery and repositioning, condensation and venting, container condition, and the overall security of the doors and locks. A few simple questions could save you time, money, and give you an increased piece of mind in knowing that you've made the best decision. If you have a business and you are looking into refrigerated storage, short term or long term, there is a container option that is right for you.
Shipping containers can be delivered quickly, dropped on site, loaded and secured with your items in a relatively short period of time, leaving you with the confidence to go about your daily chores and activities. Renting the container means that it's someone else's responsibility to move the container, and you don't have to worry about what to do with it when you don't need it any more. If sensitive documents, electronics, or antiques are the items being stored be sure and ask if there is adequate ventilation in the container to allow any condensation build up to escape.

If you plan on storing auto parts or other things messy or greasy, and the container will be in the back of a lot where no one sees it, you may be able to save some money and ask to rent a used container that hasn't been repainted. If you don't have a defined period of time that you'll need the storage, and there's a chance it could be more than 24 months, you may want to consider purchasing a shipping container to save on costs.
Lastly, some states, such as Colorado, have special laws in place that prohibit moving a loaded shipping container without a full manifest of what's inside of the container. Out of the factory, shipping containes are equipped with small breather vents, but some companies take it a little further and add large shipping container vents to help increase airflow. It should be well lit, and ideally visible from your home or office, or at least visible enough to deter would-be thieves.
Solve both your storage and transport needs at the same time with a refrigerated container.
For less frequent use, it can still seem like an expensive option, renting a storage container can be far more cost effective.
A lock box is a small investment that protects the lock shank from being cut, making it more difficult to break into the unit.

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