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This container was converted into living quarters for a machine operator, who works in the Moomba Basin, a large desert area in Southern Australia.
Mounted on a 44 foot Trailer with diesel tank, water tank and generator, the containers are pulled behind their grader or scraper.
The containers include a shower, toilet, handbasin, bed, stove, sink, fridge, air conditioning unit, table and storage cabinets.

The insulation specification was based on use of 40 mils (1 mm) of ceramic insulation coating and 2" of fiberglass board with a finish panel covering allows deployment in extreme hot and cold climates around the world.
Use of transportable living and working quarters that can be transferred between vessels extends their functionality and leverages investment in their production.
The combined use of ceramic insulation coating as a radiant barrier and mass-based board material to retain heat provides an optimal insulation solution. The insulation coating blocks heat transfer into the interior in hot climates and prevents condensation on interior surfaces in cold climates.

The hybrid combination provides maximum thermal efficiency with a minimum of mass and thickness. The use of fiberglass board instead of fibrous material reduces moisture absorption and loss of thermal efficiency.

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