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CW-Cargo Worthy - This quality of container can be used in containerized export shipments. As-Is - This condition should alert the buyer that there may be damage to the freight container that could be expensive to repair. Another option would be to mount it up in a tree, if frozen ground is likely to be a problem. By allowing a shipper to use the cargo container for a single load, our cost to position a new container into North America is reduced significantly.

Cargo worthy containers must meet standards of structural strength and be wind and water tight.
What I find significant about it is that I take it as a sign of where the country's mood really is.
You cache food, water, fuel and ammo along the way, that way you know if you reach the next cache you can be resupplied of whatever you are low on. So an effective subterfuge is to bury the goods at (say) 4 feet, and then lay down a similar outline of scrap metal at 3 feet. No stairs or ladders to climb, eliminating OSHA violations and reducing potential Workers' Compensation claims.

Containers meeting IICL 5 standards generally are of a better quality than containers showing as just cargo worthy.
Anyone who might pass a detector over the area and receive a blip would dig down only to discover the scrap. Our heavy-duty ground level storage provides safe, secure storage for either short or long term.

Iso container frame dimensions headboard
Weight limit of 20 feet container volume

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