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Tidy up all those leads from your electronic accessories and keep them handy in our new purpose made Charger Box.
Our Shaker Style Cutlery Tray has five roomy compartments to suit all your cutlery storage requirements. We now have a Utensil Drawer to match.  Why not mix and match the other Kitchen Storage Boxes we have in our range? The hardest thing about using these boxes is choosing the right models for your storage needs.
Stelton is a Danish company founded in the 1960s by two designers, Niels Stellan and Carton Madelaire, who hooked up with a factory specializing in stainless steel, Danish Stainless. Peter Holmblad put his all into this design, fully aware that everyday household objects were produced by hundreds of companies and that they all looked the same.
Since then, over 10 million Stelton thermoses have been sold, and the model has been awarded many prizes by the design community. Rig-Tig reflects Stelton's willingness to innovate, combining design values, respect for the environment, and affordable prices. January 16, 2015 by Emily McClements 6 Comments Ready to remove toxic cleaners from your home? There’s something satisfying about having a newly finished project that makes accidentally drilling through your right hand worth it.

Since so many people have commented on the hanging boxes we have in our kitchen, I decided that would be a good first project to share, and it’s something anyone can put together quickly. These are easy to build, can be done in about an hour (plus paint time), and work with scraps you may already have on-hand. One screw in each corner area should be fine here, but you know your cabinets better than me.
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These are great – we have very little counter space and try to maximize it by keeping the counters cleared off too! Get your FREE Guide to 5 Non-Toxic Cleaners and get started with green and natural cleaning today!
Son-in-law of famed designer-architect Arne Jacobsen, it was only natural that Homblad suggest the two work together.
Because so many people commented asking about our kitchen storage boxes, I’m so thankful he took the time to put together this DIY tutorial for you! This post contains affiliate links. When we decided to take everything off our kitchen counters, I came up with a plan to store produce and typical kitchen counter items that you don’t want to bury in a drawer or cabinet and never find again. Add one on top and one on bottom trying to keep the gap between them consistent with the sides of the box.

If the wonderful Cylinda Line took a little time to take off, it was because global success was waiting!
In 1977, he asked a young designer, Erik Magnussen, to create a thermos, a product that was very much in fashion at the time.
I take ideas I find other places and modify them to create things that make life easier and our home more functional. It’s also possible to make a few small changes and add casters to the bottom to make crates that roll under a bench or bed… but more to come on that at a later date. I love cute organization that cuts down on the need for a lot of time spent deep cleaning and reorganizing. Magnussen managed to stay faithful to the spirit of the Cylinda Line while creating a truly innovative concept.

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