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If you own one of these miracles of modern furniture, you're now officially a collector of rare art.
To make matters worse, IKEA will be replacing the EXPEDIT with a different wall unit, as if anything else could ever live up to the superior space organization and flawless design of the beloved predecessor.
And now, here to express their extreme disapproval, are various enraged  members of the internet.
We spoke with members of the trans community to find out if Colorado is as progressive as it claims to be on trans issues.
On this episode of Double Take, we talk with the beautiful and talented Carleen Loreen about her Romanian heritage while also going behind the scenes of this month's photo shoot. I recently repainted my family room and added some IKEA Expedit bookshelves to try to tidy up all the toys, books, and other items that get strewn across the room each day.
Keep reading for a downloadable cutting template, the full tutorial, and sources for bins&fabric. It only takes a square foot of fabric to cover the front of each bin, so depending on how large your pattern is and whether you want it to line up, you can easily cover the front and back of 4-6 bins with one yard of fabric.
I used these Sterilite bins from Walmart (called the Ultra Basket) and it was less than $22 for 6 bins, which is a steal when you consider that most fabric bins are $10 each. 1 – Cut out your fabric, using a ruler and rotary cutter if possible to get very straight, even cuts. Depending on the color and weight of your fabric, the holes in the bin may be visible through the fabric.
And if you’re interested in the fabric bins I used on the bottom shelf, they can be found at Target. I liked your ideas about how these storage bins can turned out into modern and decorative organizers. I’ve been perusing shelving and bin options and I pretty much always end up back at the Ikea Expedit. I had to laugh at your “packing for trips” commment because that is the same source of toy chaos we have over here! That's like having a step-dad who tries to be your dad but will never be your real dad even though your real dad lives in Nevada with his other family now.
Bins on a bookshelf are a perfect organizing solution for family rooms and bedrooms, but I quickly realized that purchasing fabric bins to fill up the bookshelf was going to get extremely expensive – they would actually cost more than the bookshelf itself! To fix that I just cut a piece of white cardstock to size and adhered it to the inside of the bin to block any light coming through the holes – now they are barely noticeable.

I just bought an Ikea Expedit and was looking for some options for baskets…Do you think you could Mod Podge a new fabric piece over an existing fabric?
In fact, I loved it so much that we went out and bought the Expedit shelves that we had been putting off purchasing for so long AND we ordered the bins.
I used scrapbook paper as I wasn’t in love with the limited options our local fabric store had to offer.
I know Walmart was selling the 6-pack for around $25 last year, so you might want to check there.
I just finished my bins and wanted to share something that I have tried for anyone else using this for a child’s room.
Fortunately I received a new Land of Nod catalog the other day, and there looking at me (in lots of pretty colors) were some really nice bins, baskets and tubs. I love the softer felt containers, but I’ve heard that clear plastic ones work better with kids so that they can see what is inside easily. I actually have some small itso bins that I have used on other shelving, and it has held up pretty well. It comes in many different colors as well as heights.The tall bins fit the entire cubby in the Expedit and are perfect if you want to maximize storage and conceal everything. I like these for my kids because they can access toys easily and clean up is a breeze just sorting the toys without pulling out each bin. And with the wide selection of fabric available, you’ll be sure to find something that looks perfect in your room. The fabric I used was Large Aqua Chevrons by Riley Blake (find it here at The Ribbon Retreat). These fabric-fronted bins would be a great way to add a little personality without furthering cluttering my room.
Put the shelf together yesterday and the bins are on their way but I am worried now that they may not fit. I just mod podged drawers with a lime green chevron on a salvaged desk and they look great.
I feel like they are overused, but the other shelves with similar cubbies are 3 and 4 times the price. We have a good mix of play food in her bags, along with matchbox cars and whatever small toys she can cram in, which almost always includes random game parts.
Please join me in the adventures of renovating old homes while trying to raise our young modern family.

And the Expedit squares are a little more than 13 in wide and tall, so the bins fit with a teeny bit of extra room on each side. I have vowed not to buy cheaply made furniture anymore, but it may provide useful storage for the foreseeable future for the kids.
If you’d like to cover a different sized bin, create your own template that covers the front of the bin, remembering to cut out a spot for the handle, if necessary.
3 – Paint a thin even layer of Mod Podge over the middle third of the bin (from top to bottom) making sure there are no dry areas. Using four of these bins plus the much cheaper fabric covered bins was a good compromise for me – plus I really like the combination of solid color on the bottom of the shelving unit and a graphic pattern just above.
I think I need to set up a flickr group so you can share pics of your new setup, don’t I? Okay, maybe that is an overstatement, but the toys are taking over, particularly the Legos and little characters. You don’t have to shop at Ikea to find ones to fit the openings in your Expedit, the openings are 12 x 12 so there are many possibilities. 4 – Press the fabric over the Mod Podge, making sure it lines up evenly from side to side. My old storage systems are no longer working now that the kids have gotten older (and the toys more plentiful). Not only are the storage bins super practical, but they’re also a great way to add color and texture and a great contrast to the lacquered finish of the shelves.
The kids playroom (the old nursery) has become the holder of a lot of the toys, but it is chaos in there!
6 – Press the right side down and paint a little more Mod Podge along the edges to make sure they are secured down. 7 – If you get any frayed threads, simply put a little Mod Podge on your finger and slide it along the edge, pushing the frayed threads back to the fabric edge.
I am also looking for some more storage for the kids clothes (particularly out of season and clothes that they haven’t grown into yet), plus artwork storage.

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