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Another reason that some ranges ban steel core ammo is that they believe that it's all AP and will chew holes through all their backstops. I agree in principle Sid, but unfortunately around here I could end up losing my range priviliges if I did that. There have been fires started here that just about burned up one half the state, including thousands of houses, so there is a fire danger here.
When you spend millions of dollars to build a range, and then thousands each year to operate and maintain it, you should have the right to make whatever rules you want.
If I was a range owner and you didn't like my rules then I' tell you not to let the door hit you in the *ss on the way out.My business,my $$$ investment. And what are your thoughts on having board membership self assuming police tactics and then harrassing members? Also, there's a big difference between a membership club and a privately owned shooting range. Due to high demand and our desire to serve as many Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity that each individual Customer may order. Loaded with Hornady's SST bullet, this round is loaded in lacquer-coated steel cases with non-corrosive berdan primers. The statements and opinions expressed within Customer Reviews reflect each author's personal perspective and do not imply endorsement by MidwayUSA, its Employees or any other organization. The total weight of the product, including the product’s packaging as it sits on our shelf. Product ships from MidwayUSA, separate from any other products on your order due to its size. Product is regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and cannot be shipped via USPS or air shipping methods.
Product is restricted by shipping carriers and cannot be shipped to certain locations or via certain shipping methods.

Everything really starts with our Vision, which is: 'To be the best run, most respected business in America, for the benefit of our Customers'.
Steel core can cause sparks when striking certain rocks, such as flint, and potentially start fires.
Its bad enough when the self appointed club police come up unannounced and check badges but to pull that with ammo, no way. And that is the usual place where these fires start and there is nothing that will get the political clout against you than burning down the national forest.
Would you condone these self appointed authoritarians aserting themselves on people for the smallest of reasons?
I know who the self promoted Il Duce's are just by the parked vehicles I see and won't even get out of my truck if I know one of them is there. I was shooting an AK, [we all had them and chinese ammo that was cheap],and turned to get something out of my car . Some areas where I go fishing have banned ATV's and off-road motorcycles during the hot season. Customers should in no way infer that MidwayUSA has validated review information as safe, accurate or appropriate. Products that are Shipped Alone incur separate "Per Order" and "Per Pound" shipping charges. Carriers charge extra to ship packages with products they consider hazardous, such as reloading powder and primers. This occurs when all Customer Service Representatives are busy serving other Customers, or Customer Service is closed.
FWIW, none of the ranges around here, public or otherwise, prohibit steel jacketed ammo, just steel core. Would you also condone these same people approaching members and without even identifying themselves proceeding to reprimand people for anything they deem out of kilter?

For the instant you do you know your time there is going to be one of looking over your shoulder, and expectance of them coming over to find something you're doing wrong.
When I turned around, there was a ball of orange flame billowing up in front of the people next to me.
Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights.
For if you say yes to any of these items then you deserve to have your membership dry up and your reputation get flushed down the toilet! They do it just so they can get get their rocks off making by themselves look like a bigshot in front of people. I got the hell out of there, and in going down HWY 14, saw the USFS Green trucks going the other way.
Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order. I turned one old fart in to the club president over this very scenario and this jerk was finally asked to leave because he had gained quite a following of complaints against him and his attitude. After that, I joined The Ojai Valley Gun Club and never went to a public, open shooting ,area again.
So I was glad to see I wasn't the only person who tired of his antics, and was also glad to see the door not him him in the arse!

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