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So you’re wondering if there are any stainless steel water bottles made in the USA, huh?
When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option. It is a food grade coating that has been independently lab-tested by Intertek to be BPA free and Non-leeching. We just read through their website and saw that the bottle isn’t actually made from stainless steel, but rather from recycled aluminum.
I personally don’t have an issue with bottles made in China, so long as the production is overseen by a trustworthy company who is testing for heavy metal contamination. Regarding your last paragraph — Because just about every other water bottle they sell is Made in the USA (the plastic ones). I have to say that sounds like typical corporate talk and it’s worse when everyday people parrot it.
Many of the items made in China and sold here are being sold at prices that don’t come close to reflecting the cheap labor rates and true manufacturing cost that are being paid to make those items. Not one major company that sent their manufacturing overseas did so because they were hurting, they did it strictly for greed. There has been international commerce since mankind started roaming the earth, a global economy. They say this stainless steel water bottle is made in the USA…maybe finally it’s true?
Approved by lunch ladies and Mother Nature, our .6L Stainless Sports Bottle is perfect for green thinkers on the go (or on campus). Consider the iPhone, made in China but look at the huge American industry creating jobs and livings for people just transporting them around the country. If SS flasks can be made in the USA, I don’t see why regular bottles would be cost prohibitive. Regardless, in my opinion the Guyot Designs water bottles have been some of the better made bottles. At the end of the day, we’re speaking for a small market (that could grow, yes), where the output numbers would be between a couple of very expensive craftsmen and a machined manufacturer.

I’m wondering just what the logistics are that make manufacturing in the US so cost-prohibitive. I will speak for insulated bottles since that is what my experience is (my company designed an insulated bottle to keep milk refrigerated so kids could take milk to lunch for school).
As far as the price point, the cost to make a high quality bottle is not cheap, even in China. I’ve seen many a SS product made in the USA, mostly cookware and other kitchen items, but not a water bottle. I was just thinking, what good is a pure USA made SS water bottle if we put contanminated, fluoridated water in it? This has been one of the top questions we’ve heard from our blog readers since we first published this article in 2009.
We did find one stainless steel bottle NOT made in China: the Laken brand is made in Spain. When I hear someone saying things like that it makes me wonder what kind of profit margin they’re aiming for. The cost of goods has never reflected the true cost to manufacture an item, and in a Capitalistic society it never will.
This new buzz word use of it is nothing but big business and big fiance speak for we’re going to get rich by bankrupting everyone we can. UPS, FedEx etc hire more drivers, buy more vehicles, pay more mechanics, buy more fuel, pay more taxes and more. Unless there was a guarantee for these to be made in a serious bulk, there is no market for this mythical USA-made SS bottle. We’re talking years and years of selling a very high priced point, and I still think it would be closer to $200 dollars. In this case though, we are speaking for a $200-$300+ dollar product if it is made in the USA. Liberty Bottleworks is based in Washington state and manufactures their stainless steel bottles right there. We’ve spoken with them before (see below in the comments) and while they are made in the USA, they are made with aluminum which requires an epoxy liner.

I think the bigger question that should be asked is: for all SS kitchenware products that are made in the USA, what is the source of the steel? I always find it interesting with BPA free products that there are other worse things in them!
So until someone wants to throw a few million at bottle forming equipment we’ll have to have our Blackthorn Bottles made in China. Anything SS may be made here, but if their supplies come from China, it’s still no good.
Send their jobs to China or wherever, pay some poor workers 10 cents an hour with no benefits. We are an outdoor school and while we like to buy American made we understand that some things just aren’t made here, like this computer, or my phone, or many things we all use daily. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to see the insanely idiotic profit margin jump they gained, which sent their stock values into the stratosphere. A few have gotten filthy rich by robbing from everyone else including and especially the country. We can’t change that but we can support the American businesses who sell these items for lack of options.
Technically, one could squealch Nalgene (who somewhat recently purchased Guyot) lifetime guarantee.
If foreign countries and companies were flooding our market with cheap junk to under cut our manufacturing maybe we should have done something to stop it. Putting millions of our citizens in the poor house and creating a need for the social programs so many people want to bitch about.
Instead our business and finance cowboys and cowgirls thought what the heck, instead of fighting it we can jump aboard and get rich, and they did.
The government that is supposed to be the voice and power of the public, that keeps the wealthy greed mongers in line.

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