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November 13, 2014 By Nicole Etolen 18 Comments Sharing Is Caring41340000Looking for dog food storage ideas that are stylish yet functional? Gamma2 Vittles Vault: The Gamma2 Vittles Vault dog food storage container comes in three sizes. Isn’t this Harry Barker Dog Food Storage container just about the prettiest you’ve ever seen? The Pawvac Vacuum Sealed Dog Food Storage container is just right for smaller dogs, since it only holds up to about 5 pounds of dog food (depending on the size of the kibble). Bergan Stackable Storage: They may not be as cute as the other dog food storage ideas, but the Bergan Stackable bins are definitely more stylish than your average garbage bin!
Of course, when it comes to dog food storage, you don’t have to limit yourself to bins designed specifically for dog food.

Some even come with pull-out bowls, although in my experience, those really aren’t practical for larger dogs. They may also be more practical for those in small spaces.  I think these are an ideal solution for those with multiple pets, or those with dogs on different diets. As we don’t have pets I never know there are such facilities available for pets food storage.
It gives me a sense of peace, which is even more important now that I work from home as a blogger and coach. The airtight seal keeps food fresh and contains odors inside, making it ideal for particularly stinky dog food.
It features a unique and easy push button vacuum system that keeps pet food safe from moisture and dust.

I also hide mine underneath a giant wooden butcher block table covered with a decorative tablecloth.
You also want something that is easy enough for you to open but not so easy for your snooping Snoopy. If you can’t hide your dog food in a cabinet, hide it in one of these stylish yet functional dog food storage solutions!

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